The World’s first 61 key USB midi controller featuring integrated RGB LED lighting, capable of illuminating each key evenly and brilliantly in any color in the spectrum. Custom designed light diffusion and spreading technology, featuring keys manufactured in an optical grade polycarbonate, and a light spreader made of acrylic to produce an even illumination.
Bluetooth Low Energy enabled communications, allowing fully wireless operating between your tablet or computer and the McCarthy Illuminating Piano. Integrated touchscreen control panel, allowing you to control the software directly from the hardware itself. High quality finishes and materials, including an elegant and sturdy anodized aluminum casing and housing. Custom built, multi-platform software, designed to make learning to play the piano easy and fun. Unlike other pianos or keyboards, The McCarthy Music Illuminating Piano includes software at no additional charge.
In traditional piano practice, you have to look at a piece of sheet music, and identify where on the keyboard that note is located.
Right Hand Remember that good friend of ours Middle C? Good, place your right number 1 finger on Middle C. Legato Again, our goal here in this beginner lesson for piano is to play a simple, smooth and evenly sounding finger pattern. For this exercise, wea€™ll play the same 5-finger pattern as in the first example for our beginner lesson for piano. This is a Japanese made Yamaha baby grand with the state-of-the-art recording Disklavier System. There is a large library of music as well as instructional materials available for this piano. To keep the pattern for the back of the cards lined up evenly and to look nice, I didn’t make a cutting line all the way across the page.
If you are not going to print the colorful graphic for the back, take a ruler and connect the dotted lines on the front (the black and white side) of the cards before you cut them out. With older students, we simply tap some cards at the end of  lessons or string them together to make a phrase and tap. Sometimes I put a few of the cards on a table and one person taps while the other guesses the correct pattern. If you have downloaded material from this site, please consider making a donation to help maintain the website. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Susan Paradis Piano Teaching Resources · Music, games, teaching material, and iPad ideas for piano teachers.
One of the main things I do for Portland Piano Company is refurbish used pianos that come in before PPC resells them. I’m now offering this service package to customers in their homes at a considerable savings. I set aside an entire day for this service and charge between $350 (if it takes less than 5 hours) and $450 (if it takes more than 5). I usually find mostly dust and dirt from years of use, but there have also been pencils, stickers, magazines, toys, pictures, letters, coins, and sometimes even dead rodents! I clean the ivory or plastic keytops, then sand the sides of the keys if they are dirty.The sides of the keys are wood and as they are played over the years they collect dirt and oil from hundreds of hours of playing.
This is a large part of the job and can easily take two hours or more if there is a lot of wear on the hammers.

I also straighten and space the keys evenly so there is no gaps between keys or keys rubbing together. At this point, the piano plays well and I will spend some time on the outside of the piano. After the piano is finely tuned, I voice the hammers so each produces the same quality of tone. Last I will regulate the pedals (fixing any squeak problems) and put the case parts back on the piano.
This long process will look a little different on every piano I work on, and will include necessary repairs specific to the instrument (broken or missing strings, gluing loose parts etc.). This Complete Upright Piano Service Package usually takes about 6 hours for a well-used, but quality piano. If you know your piano needs a good bit of work, or if it has been getting a lot of use and hasn’t been worked over for a long time, this service could be very beneficial for your piano.
Providing piano tuning and repair in Portland, Lake Oswego, West Linn, Clackamas, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Gresham,Vancouver, and the surrounding areas. A 61-key midi controller, the McCarthy Music Illuminating Piano, where each key is capable of illuminating brilliantly and evenly in any possible color combination. By illuminating the key when you are supposed to play it, the learning process is significantly enhanced. Since this will be our first beginner lesson for piano, these initial finger exercises will be relatively simple and not too dramatic. Good, now place your right index finger (number 2) on the white note directly to the right of Middle C. Next, place your three remaining right fingers on the next three white notes. We dona€™t need thunderous applause at this point. Each note should be played slowly and evenly connected without any space or pause in between them.
I just thought Ia€™d mention that now, because you will hear the term a€?legatoa€? again in future beginner lessons for piano. But you will hear the term a€?staccatoa€? later in future beginner lessons for piano. For the staccato part of our beginner lesson for piano, ita€™s okay to slightly bounce your hand up and down as you play the keys faster. The piano not only plays back a huge library of music including those with accompanying audio which plays through the speaker system mounted invisibly beneath the piano. It has been prepped like a new piano to play evenly throughout all registers with the highly regarded Yamaha action.
The last page is a colorful graphic designed for the back of the cards so they are more fun.
Below are lots of pictures and concise descriptions of the normal steps I take when refurbishing an upright.
This means taking off all the case parts and removing the action and keys before vacuuming and cleaning the interior of the piano. The felt hammers are what actually initiate the sound coming from your piano, so their condition makes a huge difference in your piano’s tone. Having all the keys level and responding the same when playing is essential for real control when playing the piano. If this metal post is too low, the hammer will not begin to move right away when the key is depressed, giving a sloppy feel to the action. Often some notes will stick out as really bright and noisy, or dull and soft compared to the notes around them.
Doing all this work in one visit saves me a lot of time in dismantling the piano and travel, and gives you as the customer more service for your money!

Give me a call and I would be happy to schedule a day to come out and give your piano the deluxe treatment. The custom built software allows you to connect your PC, Mac OSX computer, or iOS tablet directly to our Piano, using either wireless Bluetooth technology or a standard USB cable. When you want to learn a piece of music, the software guides you through the piece of sheet music, illuminating each note as it is supposed to be played.
But it also records impeccably every nuance of performance including touch, all 3 pedals, and even subtle half pedal techniques for faithful recreation of musical performances of Yamaha artists as well as your own recordings of yourself!
A variety of levels are included, from beginning to late intermediate, whole notes to dotted eighths and sixteenths. There have been many times I’ve opened up a piano to fix a sticking key and it is just a piece of junk stuck between two keys. After years of playing, the felt hammers will develop grooves where they strike the string, and eventually even flatten out from their original rounded shape.
These are set by putting paper and cardboard punchings of different thicknesses under the key at the balance rail and front rail. If the capstan is too high, it will not let all the moving parts reset when the key is let go, and it won’t be ready to play again on the next depression of the key.
Through a combination of filing and needling different areas of the felt hammer, I even out the tone production throughout the keyboard.
If these various jobs were done individually, most piano technicians would charge well over $1,000.
Putting a slight bounce in your hand will give you more leverage to strike down on and pull back off the keys at faster speeds.
It is extremely difficulty to find a recent model Disklavier in the used market in top condition. Using sandpaper I carefully take off layers of felt until the original rounded shape of the hammer is restored. If the jack trips too late, it will push the hard felt hammer right into the string, keeping it from vibrating at all. If you appreciate the capabilities of a fine Yamaha grand piano that can reproduce your playing faithfully, then this is the piano for you. This changes the surface area that comes into contact with the string and improves the quality of tone and the length of sustain. Remember to keep each finger glued to itsa€™ properly assigned key as you go, and try not to tense up.
Stay relaxed. Play this exercise slowly and as many times as needed until you can play each note perfectly individually. If the jack trips too soon, the hammer will never reach the string when you play the note softly. When you feel you have got the hang of it, increase your speed while trying to maintain the same level of control.

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