The left hand is presented in a "mixed presentation" in order to play the B arpeggio at the end of measure 1. Make research projects and school reports about Francis Lai easy with credible Un homme qui me plait (also known as Again a Love Story, Love Is a Funny Fausto Papetti - Love story (Francis Lai) - Дорожка 18 1970 Love Story - Francis Lai (club13778696) - Theme From Love Story 1970 Love Story - Francis Lai Love Story - by Francis Lai Lyrics by Carl Sigman. Any third party products, brands or trademarks listed above are the sole property of their respective owner.No affiliation or endorsement is intended or implied.
I must have seen the movie a dozen times and "as a musician in his teens", I simply could not avoid falling for the girl who loved Bach and the Beatles.

As soon as you play the F# with 4 (measure 1) follow the impulse of the left arm in order to lift the finger perpendicularly to the string and avoid string squeaks.
The tune is in E minor a particularly penetrating key when it comes to hitting the deepest corners of a man's soul.Francis Lai is a French composers responsible for over 90 soundtracks.
Finger 4 stops the F# in measure 2 and acts like as a lever to pull the hand and relax it immediately after the extension  necessary to reach the F#. Classical guitar masterclass Love Story, by Francis Lai, taught by Guitarist Renato Bellucci using high definition videos and scores.

The piece opens with a  brief introduction that sets the mood and background color of the tonality onto which the magnificent melody will be built. I arranged the piece starting from a piano reduction and I consider it a piece to belong up there with Romance, The godfather and Cavatina.

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