Learning how to play the piano might involve buying a piano that cost a few hundred to a few thousand. There are some example notes for you to play such as Digimon, Harry Potter intro, Vivaldi’s four seasons winter, Pokemon, Jingle Bells, YMCA, my heart will go on and many more. Not only it is expensive, you need a place to store the piano at home and also you cannot control the volume that comes out from the piano. Although it is not the same but it gives you the feel of trying it out before spending money and time on the real piano.

The next thing you need to do is learn how to use the program and also the keys that are mapped to the keyboard.
Before you can master the virtual piano, obviously you will need to master your keyboard typing skills first or else you will end up looking for the keys to press. It is an expensive investment considering that you don’t know if you are able to pick it up or like playing the piano in the first place. Then click the note icon at is on the bottom right to show the keys that are mapped to the piano.

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