It is now possible to have a lively worship!, whether its personal worship in your own home or in worship sessions such as small gatherings (prayer meetings and cell groups) without depending on many musicians or musical instruments.
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When he became a Christian he found the music to be quite dull as it was played the classical way. In this tutorial, you'll learn to play a well-known gospel run, one heard in many gospel churches. As mentioned above, he created a fast-and-easy method for playing the keyboard where musical notes are replaced by wordings of Gospel music, so one can easily learn without having the hassle or having to worry about it being difficult. Then he started playing and teaching at home, starting a new contemporary way on the keyboard mimicking one what he started calling a “one man band” which he still uses and believes in today because of his keyboards. This might just be the place for you, whatever your age is whether young or old, all is welcome as long as you have the interest to learn. He said that what inspired him was Ecclesiastes, a chapter that started and told him that, “everything we do is meaningless even if you are rich or poor”. This music studio is unique as instructors only teach the keyboard as it is simple especially with their fast-and-easy method. He always wanted to be a millionaire but that chapter changed him, he felt like he was chasing after the wind .

Furthermore, students will be able to be a “one man band” if no one is there as the keyboard allows one to play the sounds of different instruments at the same time  while singing.
So he decided  to quit his secular career and later he received numerous requests to start a music studio. He ended by saying, “Over the years the students that have come, some are pastor’s children, or worship leaders who want to learn how to play themselves.
We teach them how to lead in worship, perform at their prayer meetings or small Churches and most of them feel confident in helping out”.

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