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SPECIAL ON MULTIPLE ORDERS OF 10000 LITRE JOJO WATER TANKS…CONTACT US FOR A FREE QUOTE! The outdoors on a rainy day is an endless laboratory full of learning potential, as well as being heaps of fun! It is fun to feel cozy and sheltered, and to listen to the rain as it falls on the roof of the tent. If the area is sloped, you get the added fun of watching a rainbow of colors flow off downhill.
If the preschools in Norway and Scotland can do it in their climate, then we can hardly let a little bit of rain stop us in Australia now can we? If you plan on doing a video of their child’s story, ask for a way to send it to them so they can view it.
If you are not able to go outside to splash and play in puddles, a simple book can spur some activities to keep everyone busy indoors.
Allow children to make their own fun rain boot design as part of the unit that they will be able to bring home. These are some beautiful rain photos that were taken at all different times of day and in all different locations.

Take a variety of animal toys that can serve as inspiration for them to create their own adventure. Then allow them to use markers, glitter, stickers, or other craft items to make the rain boot of their dreams. Sharing how well children are doing with their language skills, especially when they may be multilingual at home, is important for boosting their self confidence. You can let the children know that you will be recording their story so they can hear it from start to finish when you are done.
He gets his mother to agree to go outside to sail his boat in puddles, but he cannot get into the puddles and wet. If you want to work on specific words, group items that go along with that instead of simply animals.
The only problem is where I live is deep in mosquito territory so I need to use sector mosquito spray in order to keep them away.

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