Just a little over a week ago when LeBron James announced he would be returning to Cleveland to play for his hometown team, again, for me it meant a lot more than just a shift in power in the eastern conference.
In sports, as with life in general, winning is the driving force behind any successful individual or team. Another star who grew up playing against LeBron James and shares his 11-year tenure in the NBA is Carmelo Anthony.
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Its the tale of the high school jock who dated the beautiful girl next door almost his entire life.
Raised in the Red Hook housing projects in Brooklyn, New York, Anthony too has roots in the city in which he plays professionally.

With offers from contenders like the Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets, ultimately, Anthony decided to remain with the Knicks–signing a long term deal that will likely see him end his career with the organization. And when it does, a strong push from the Washington Wizards is almost expected at this point. And whether you choose to agree, a large majority of doing so speaks to finance and positioning current and future generations to prosper the way you have. They also host regular pokie tournaments that reward the top players with incredible cash prizes.
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But if the last few weeks of free agency in the NBA has taught us anything, its that loyalty does exact in professional sports. But what happens when you’ve won triumphantly yet remain in the prime of your career? From adolescence to grade school and college, they remained an item with a love strong as a rock; similar to their parents who individually and respectively have been together for decades. Aside from spending his younger years in NYC, following time in Baltimore, Melo returned to New York state during his one year at Syracuse University.
In cases like Durant’s, yes, someone gets the short end of the stick for the ultimate goal of the individual. Or more importantly, when the influence of your decisions become more critical than championship rings?
Yet the allure of campus fame and seductive sorority girls are too much for the talented young man to dismiss. That one season produced a NCAA National Championship in 2003, the only such award in the school’s history. More often that not, their families depend solely on them to support not only their household, but secondary relatives as well. Whether it be a location on the map or the feeling you get from what represents “home” to you, the sentiment surrounding these players and plenty others is remarkably forthright and more honorable that most are willing to admit. For LeBron James, the city of Cleveland and the state of Ohio reign supreme over his defining accomplishments in Miami the past four years.

Now, after a successful stint in Denver with the Nuggets, Anthony is attempting to restore that championship magic with his current team, the New York Knicks.
That said, many of their decisions which are considered to revolve around money actually revolve around family. The team that drafted him, the state that raised him, and the people who adore him, James feels indebted.
Back in February, he made a few comments with regards to playing for his hometown team when that time came.
This casino is available in a number of languages including English, German, French, Dutch and Russian. Better yet, almost responsible to do something historic in the city that bears his personal history. Since he spoke so candidly about the DMW in his professional future, current roster players like John Wall have already begin pitching Durant.
For an athlete like Carmelo Anthony or LeBron James to make $20 million dollars per season effectively means they can change the dynamic of their family structure forever and for the better. A substantial drought for any sports city, but for the basketball mecca that is New York City, its disgraceful.
Moreover, the Wizards have even gone as far as to hire Durant’s high school coach to potentially sweeten the deal. So in lieu of potentially winning a ring faster in Chicago or Houston, Anthony aims to do so in the town that needs him. Another falsehood that implicates athletes as pretentious and singular in their thought process with regards to their careers. But more than that, even if he never wins one, he’s a hero for staying loyal to the team, organization, fans and most importantly, the city itself. Following a stage of distance and discovery, its now time to make things right with his main squeeze.

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