First simply learn to play the chords and then add that funky groove and have fun learning how to play this song.
If you’re a beginner then these notes will help you to play happy birthday song on piano easily. In the first lesson you learned how to play the Octave, and in Lesson Two, we covered the Scale of C Major.  So now you can play the Scale of C Major in both the left hand and the right hand- using the correct fingering. You have also learned how to read the notes of the Scale of C Major on the Treble Clef, and also on the Bass Clef.
You will find that understanding how chords are formed musically will help your understanding of music overall. Chords which harmonise are the sounds which back all those favorite melodies we love to sing or listen to.
Playing Chords: Being able to play  chords on the piano will be of enormous benefit to you,  as this will give you the ability to accompany  your own melodies, or to accompany other people when they sing.
The key of C Major has no black notes, and so it has no sharps or flats, which we will find out about later. You will have spotted that if the first note is on a line, then the other two notes forming the major chord will also be on a line.

Play them often, and try to get the fingers to come down on the notes evenly, so that the notes are played all at the same time. This entry was posted in Learning to Read Music, Piano Chords, Piano Lessons for Beginners and tagged bass clef, Beatles tune, chord of C major, chord of C Major on piano, chords on the guitar, chords which harmonise, correct fingering, guitar chords, guitar music, harmony, how to play piano chords, learn to play chords, learning to read music, piano chords, playing piano chords, read music, scale of C major, treble clef. Search over 300,000 sheet music arrangements available instantly to print or play in our free apps.
I hope, too, that you are all keeping that practice up, and that you are  getting to know your way around the keyboard.
Already, you can play Octaves, the Scale of C Major, and you can read music. You are doing very well. For now, just accept that C Major is a simple key to play in, because it does not use any black notes. You can see that the notes are formed with one note left out in between each note which is played.
The 3rd finger of the left hand will take the A note, the thumb of the left hand will take the C note at the top of the chord. I have never learned anything about neither the reading of the notes nor the combination of harmonious notes together.

Chords represent the basis of the  musical system we use today, which is all about harmony. The first example is written an Octave below Middle C but the tonic note, or root of the chord, is still C. When your fingers have developed strength, then your technical ability will have improved, and you will be able to play these notes altogether, without difficulty, and with a nice even sound.
If you get the music sheet for a song, such as a Beatles tune, then you will see letter names above the melody, all along the way throughout the tune. Get good at moving from one chord to another quickly, with ease, so that you can play the chords without faltering.

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