If you are a piano teacher, do your students a huge service and help them learn how to play Happy Birthday. I am embarrassed to say that after playing the piano for 35 years and teaching for 20, I cannot play Happy Birthday by ear.
I tried to make some sound with the Tutorial "Making Sound with a Microcontroller" and I was successful with playing the Happy Birthday melody. Now I thought it would be nice to play a different sound, but I have now clue about how to interpret the music.
Or how would be the procedure, when I say: "I want my microcontroller to play Indiana Jones, or Monkey Island".

This shows the notes C4 through C5 (and then back down to C4 again) as shown on a treble clef.
Did you know that you can use a transistor to interface between different voltage levels of digital logic?
The next step is to add simple chords in the left hand and then eventually play the song with different styles. They’ll be excited to learn the piece and they’ll use your tutilege over and over!
You’re sure to be a crowd pleaser when you can play Happy Birthday in a variety of fun arrangements.

If you have any ideas for more materials that would be fun for your lessons, send me an email. My goal this spring semester is to teach ALL 30 of my students, no matter their age or level, to play Happy Birthday!

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