Shredded Curtains: To really give your house the feeling of being haunted, get some dark fabric and cut them up into scary drapes. Creepy Crawlers: If you have a staircase, secure spiderwebs to the wall along the stairs with huge spiders looking as though they are descending.
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Awesome, going to print for crafts and a larger copy to play on my piano!Thank you VERY much! Please know that Knick of Time uses affiliate links, including but not limited to Amazon to help keep this blog up and running. Follow Knick of Time's board - Printable Antique Graphics from Knick of Time on Pinterest.
Every year, we look forward to decorating the house, putting together our costumes, and of course trick or treating. All we did was get some fresh soil from the hardware store and created mounds to look like freshly dug graves. Simply leave some long, skinny candles out in the sun long enough so you can curve them, then cool them off and let them harden again.
We got a lifesize skeleton and positioned him as though he were playing the piano, then gave him some extra atmosphere with spiderwebs (complete with large, scary spider). Bonus points if they are in a room with a fan and you can get them eerily blowing in the wind!

You could also hang some from the ceiling so when people look up, the spiders are floating above them.
She has written three books, her most recent being Stageology: How to Stage to Sell in which she shares the best staging tips and tricks she's learned in her 10+ years as a professional stager. You can easily find a candelabra from a garage sale or secondhand store that you can spray paint black to make it more suited for Halloween and you can even adorn it with jewelry to add an extra touch of haunted house glamour.
If you want to be even more creative, set the playbook to a song fitting for Halloween, like one of these 10 classical songs for Halloween.

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