Fur Elise is one of the more melodious classical songs and a favorite with most music students. Though most beginner students attempt this song, but only a handful are able to play it and that too only the first section of the song which is more melodious and moves at a comparatively slow tempo compared to the next part of the song. Another reason for most beginners to like this song is because of the fact that Fur Elise is based on the A minor song. This song is so beautiful that you would wish that you could read piano notes directly from the music sheet rather than having have to stop the video every second, repeat the section, and? learn it that way. For those who know how to read notes and have taken few months of piano lessons, they will find it easier to play. More specifically, today you will learn how to play a large portion of the first movement of Fur Elise. Remember that you can learn to play the piano just by watching my videos, but for those of you that want to take things to a more advanced level, please continue reading after the video.
Make sure to rewind frequently – try to get comfortable with each part before moving on. Now, for those of you that want to take things to a more advanced level, let’s get a little deeper into the theory. Anyway, let’s take a look at a transcription of the part of Fur Elise taught in this lesson.
If you take another look at the transcription of Fur Elise above, you will see that there is an eighth note on the treble staff right at the beginning of the third measure.
Today we will learn how to play the second half of the second movement of Beethoven’s Fur Elise. I want to emphasize one more time that you should first learn how to play all of the notes from this lesson correctly at a slow, steady pace.
It’s also very nice to have an actual metronome that you can place near your piano or keyboard. If you want to purchase the sheet music, you can click on the following link: Fur Elise sheet music.

The lines and spaces would represent different notes if there was a bass clef there instead (we will learn the bass clef notes next week).
Note that both staves have treble clefs, so you should be able to name every note in this measure.
Fur Elise Piano Sheet Music By Beethoven - print and download the free piano sheet music arranged by Yoke Wong Pathetique music sheet - for piano; Fur Elise music sheet - for piano. Resources for Elementary Music Education Fur Elise Original version by Ludwig van Beethoven. Print out the fur elise piano sheet music and watch this amazing free fur elise piano tutorial for free.
Music By Beethoven - print and download the free piano sheet music arranged by Yoke Wong Subscribe to Free Piano Sheet Music.
Creative Resources for Elementary Music Education Print and download free piano sheet music online with one click of the mouse.
Search over 300,000 sheet music arrangements available instantly to print or play in our free apps. Anybody who has learnt to play the piano even for a few months, on hearing this beautiful song, wants to know How to Play Fur Elise on Piano. That means barring one or two black keys, you only need to use the white keys to play this song. If you have access to the original sheet music, it will be better if you can simplify the song to begin with, or you may just use the easier version of fur Elise. A stave (or staff) consists of five horizontal lines and four spaces, each corresponding to a different note on the piano.
Well the clef determines how each line and space on the staff corresponds to a key on the piano. Well an eighth note is drawn in two different ways, depending upon if there is only one, or more than one in a row.
Once you can get through the whole part without making any mistakes or breaking tempo, only then should you begin to try to build up your speed.

A metronome is a device used to mark time by means of a regularly recurring clicking sound. The lower staff has two eighth notes played together followed by a sixteenth rest and three sixteenth notes (well actually multiple notes being played simultaneously). Please continue practicing this part of the second movement of Fur Elise and the second movement as a whole. One of the things that is most important when you will try to learn the Fur Elise piano sheet. If you spend just five minutes a day following this video, then by next week you will have mastered this part, and you will be ready for lesson 2.
For example, the treble clef tells you that the topmost horizontal line corresponds to an F on the piano, whereas the bass clef assigns the topmost horizontal line to a much lower A.
So if we want the left hand to play notes that are a bit higher than usual, it makes sense that we would use a treble clef instead of a bass clef to display those notes. Once you are comfortable playing the part correctly, then you can slowly begin to play the piece faster. Recall from last week’s lesson that each of the lines and spaces on a staff represents a specific musical note.
Do not be too concerned if you cannot name these notes – we will be talking about them soon in a future lesson.
In piano music two different clefs are used – a treble clef appears on the treble staff and a bass clef appears on the bass staff.

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