Playing piano by ear can be a source of enjoyment, both for you and for those you accompany.
A fake sheet is a score sheet that consists of only right-hand, single-note melody and chords.
If you cannot read notes, and do not wish to learn musical notation, we do not have a big issue with that. Learning to play by ear doesna€™t replace the ability to read music, but the two skills complement each other.
This episode is about being in the moment, not planning too much, and accepting what happens.
When I play music, actually, I play a lot of different instruments, and I’ve always been really bad at reading music. That people would play music without looking at any notes and they just improvise the music in the moment.

To play it by ear is a very common expression used when people are deciding not to make plans. You might realize that you must reduce the sentence to its simplest form before you recreate it.
When you were in nursery school, you started learning a language in its simplest form before learning the more complex.
In learning music, we start the learning process from fake sheets, which are the simplest forms of songs. If you have a significant understanding of improvising melody with chords, playing by ear becomes much easier. Yes, if we know the tune, we can replicate it with the chords in our head, playing by ear without anything written down. Thus the process of learning to play by ear is not by listening first, but rather through improvising.

But with millions of songs on the market, we can't possibly remember the nuances of each of them.
For example, the primary chords for the C scale are the C chord (CEG), the F chord (FAC) and the G chord (GBD).
For example, in a€?Mary had a Little Lamb,a€? the first measures have a rhythm of slow-fast, slow-fast, fast-fast-fast.
Once youa€™ve mastered the harmony, melody and rhythm of a song, play the entire piece through.
Once you have a solid knowledge of chords and intervals, you can change a piece by changing the rhythm or the chord sequence.

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