If you have ever wanted to learn how to play the C Sharp suspended four chord on Guitar then this video will be worth a view.
Detailed information is provided in this video on how to play the C over B chord on a Guitar. Please remember that using others' images on the web without their permission is not very nice. The C-sharp minor seventh (C#m7) chord is a four-note chord formed from the notes, from lowest to highest: C#, E, G# and B.
C#m7 chords sound complicated but aren't much more difficult to play than a simple C minor triad. C#m7 chords are similar to C#min triads (three-note chords) except that a minor seventh above the root is added to the chord.
Remember the total amount of sharps & flats for keys with the same core letter name (half step away) always equals 7. We could say that the key signature of F# is 2 naturals: B and F (E# is F), Just a note here to say that we can think about tone groupings (keys) in different ways than the bloated circle of 5ths.
In a Major key, there are 3 Major triads [I IV V], 3 minor triads [ii iii vi], and 1 diminished triad [viio]. In a Major key, when chords include the 7's, the I and IV become Major 7's [IMaj7 IVMaj7], the V becomes a Dominant 7 [V7], the ii, iii, and vi become minor 7's [iim7 iiim7 vim7], & the viio becomes a minor 7 flat 5 [viim7b5 - also known as half diminished]. The vii0 triad can be written as paralling to a minor triad and that would make it a minor flat 5. We keep in mind that the voicings shown in this lesson are but one way to play any particular type of chord.

They are inexpensive and easily lost.Make a loose fist, make sure your thumb is laying on your pointer finger. Watch this 1:42 video for a close-up view of a Guitarist playing the chord as well as ongoing audio commentary. Included within the video are close-up images of the Guitarist playing the chord in addition to ongoing audio commentary.
Audio commentary is provided as well as close-up images of the Guitarist actually playing the chord.
Audio commentary is provided as well as a close-up view of the Guitarist playing the chord. Minor seventh chords are minor triads with a minor seventh above the root added to the chord. A musician in Los Angeles, she received her bachelor's degree in music from Rhodes College. Upper case Roman Numeral means Major, lower case means minor, and lower case with a degree sign means diminished. We can use any beat count [4 is shown below] and any motor hand technique [strumming, fingerpicking, or arpeggio picking]. Included is full audio commentary as well as close-up video of the Guitarist playing the chord.
Close-up imagery of a Guitarist playing the chord is provided as well as ongoing audio commentary throughout. She currently works as a regular studio session musician and, since 2006, has been a private piano teacher for students of all ages and skill levels.

Note that the key of F has only 1 flat (B-flat) - this is the 'opposite' of the key of F# (what is sharped in F# is natural in F).
Is it possible that just by naming this key something different, it could possibly change its color or mood? Chords are built by selecting a root and adding every other tone [see EON] until there are three tones [for triads]. Minor 7 flat 5 is also called half-diminished 7 and that is indicated as the degree sign with a slash through it.
Different styles favor certain voicings, and in a way are defined by the types that are used. She also appeared in the Shirelles-inspired '60s musical ''Baby It's You,'' ''The Price Is Right,'' and is the composer for an online series of video shorts.
In order to turn your C#m triad into a C#m7 chord, cross your left index finger over your right hand and place it on B. To play a C#m7 chord with your right hand, place your right thumb on C#, your index finger on E, your middle finger on G# and your little finger on B.

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