You never know who will sit down and put on an impromptu show – and that’s the beauty of the six uniquely designed street pianos Bedrock Real Estate Services has placed around downtown Detroit! Pianos can be found outside 611 Woodward, One Detroit Center, One Campus Martius, and on Monroe Street. The city of Detroit has always been known for its musical presence, from Motown to popular summer concerts like the Detroit Jazz Fest and Electronic Music Festival. In addition to beautiful music, each of the street pianos adds a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork to Detroit. Jeremy Aiken, a Quicken Loans team member, is the artist behind the black piano outside of The Qube. The front of his piano combines a black and white view of Woodward and the skyline of the city. The inspiration for his piano design came from a photograph he took on Atwater Street, one of his favorite places in the city because of its incredible view.
British artist Luke Jerram has been setting up pianos around New York City as part of his project Play Me, I’m Yours presented by Sing for Hope. 21 street pianos have been setup in London in public gardens, streets and squares as well to celebrate the City of London Festival and will be available through July 10th.
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Local businesses have kindly made donations and people have volunteered their time and service to tune the piano and fix broken keys so everyone may continue to enjoy it.
The street piano his improved the sense of community and pride and has everyone stopping to listen, talk, and of course play. For a second year in a row the Calgary Downtown Association is presenting a summer street piano on Stephen Avenue, but this year, there's a twist! Bring down the whole family this Father’s Day weekend for a free fun-filled Selfie Scavenger Hunt in Downtown Calgary. Starting June 30th at Noon, join us Tuesdays and Thursdays through the summer for the Downtown Street Piano Series. I love that NYC does crazy stuff like set out pianos across the city to see what happens artistically. When you say, "our contemporary academic poetry scene as a whole, a scene more obsessed with status updates than Facebook," I agree but would strike the word 'contemporary.' In the 40 years or so I've been an observer and sometime participant in the poetry scene, academic poets have always had this problem.
I've yet to ever be particularly impressed by anything written by Christopher Hitchens but, yeah, I guess his health situation deserves a mention.

Steve - I can't speak for anyone else, but I can tell you why I don't like certain poetry, fiction, art, and music. On a hunch, I looked up “embowered” in the Shakespeare concordance but it was a no-go; ditto for the Bible concordance. Type the characters you see in the picture; if you can't read them, submit the form and a new image will be generated. Two years after it was kindly donated by Street Pianos it has lived in the station underpass. With specially invited guest musicians the piano will be surrounded by friends, loved ones and fantastic live music.
Possibly South London’s most famous public music instrument, the Herne Hill street piano is inviting the world along to a free outdoor screening with live music in Station Square (Herne Hill) on Friday 2nd May 2014. The colourful and much loved local piano which happily resides in the Herne Hill station underpass has been tweeting and getting involved in community project since Spring 2013.
That one piano was made by the Colonial Piano Company, and although the label suggests that it was manufactured in Toronto, Ontario, I was unable to find any information to confirm that.  It seems that the Colonial Piano Company operated out of Ste-Therese, Quebec, so perhaps it was distributed through a dealer in Toronto. In a recent Instagram video, one man wows the crowd with an incredible performance at the piano outside Chase Tower (611 Woodward). Each piano was donated by a homeowner in the Metro Detroit area, and more than 60 local artists submitted proposed designs. The other side mirrors the same skyline, but is painted with vibrant colors to illustrate an obvious contrast. He was responsible for painting the piano outside Detroit Experience Factory on Monroe street. 60 pianos are can be found daily from 9am-1pm in parks, streets and plazas and will be available through July 5th.
It’s too early to tell for certain, but it certainly is adding to the vibrancy of Stephen Avenue and putting smiles on people’s faces. Some volunteers have been coming down at 2 a.m to make sure the piano is covered from the rain and when the cover and tarp were taken, they brought their own garbage bags to cover it. Business men and women, street people, and tourists have been sharing music, experiences, and stories as the piano draws people to it with beautiful notes and comforting sounds. It doesn’t matter if you play Beethoven or chopsticks, anytime you feel like playing a song, come down and tickle the ivories of this crime fighting piano.
We are waiting to see when the weather changes but it will still be out the Sept 8 weekend.

Sixty pianos have been placed around various New York City parks and plazas, providing a nice summer surprise. Images of Greystone, the New Jersey insane asylum where Allen Ginsberg's mother lived, now abandoned.
Beverly Cleary remembers her early struggling years as a student at Cal Berkeley and a child librarian. Amazon and Apple are definitely playing the device game yet everyone seems to subscribe to the "content is king" theory of the digital future which would give Google the advantage. Merwin's writing, especially THE SHADOW OF SIRIUS.(2009) That book of poetry, hardcover put out in 2008, won the Pulitzer Prize. Finally, I just went with one of the on-line dictionaries only to discover that it's an archaic transitive verb meaning “to shut in”. Levi, you could write a whole blog post on the power of transitive verbs to shape consciousness. Two summers ago at a Solar One program in Stuyvesant Cove I learned the number of trees that are cut down to print a single issue of the Sunday New York Times where Tanenhaus reigns supreme as editor of the Book and Week in Review sections: Hold on to your hats?75,000! The individually designed instruments are located outside various Bedrock properties for anyone to enjoy. Tasiopoulos was born and raised in the city, and is the co-founder of a Detroit based artist organization called The MATI Group, which showcases local, unknown artists through shows and concerts.
So far the piano has endured rain and extreme heat, the 100th year Stampede crowds, late night gatherings from nightclub patrons and everything in between.
It is allowing the opportunity for those who haven’t touch a piano in years, and those who play frequently to add their own sound to downtown Calgary. Henceforward, by force of logic, I'll be almost bound to think “Sam Tanenhaus” when I think “primitive shut-in”.
Read more and add your thoughts (3 comments)Carl Solomonby Levi Asher Wednesday, August 24, 1994 08:46 amAll the Beat writers inspired themselves with doppelgangers, authentic hipsters who embodied their ideals with great authenticity. Merwin is that he once got into a terrible battle with Allen Ginsberg and Ginsberg's Tibetan guru over an episode of forced nakedness at a poetry party (this weird history is chronicled in a previous Litkicks article, When Hippies Battle: The Great W. Read more and add your thoughts Ted Joansby Sean Daniel Singer Friday, January 12, 1996 08:21 amTed Joans was born Theodore Jones on July 4, 1928 on a riverboat in Cairo, Illinois.

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