Wouldn’t be nice if next to being a fan, you will also learn how to do the work and get into the action of the extremities and limelight of animation and cartoons? If you are really eager to learn how to make a one-of-a-kind digital art, then check out this educational and interactive website where learning how to draw is fun and easy! Not only does the website make you learn how to draw but it can also help you develop your skill as you interact with other artists.
As you explore and engage yourself into this new venue, you can now leave your gaming gadgets, DVDs, and playing cards aside to give way in making your brain cells work and the creative part of your brain function spontaneously.
Due to the fact that the 21st century is based on a rapid technological development, various aspects of our lives have been adapted in order to keep up with current technology trends. Due to the fact that digital art is a descendent of traditional art, it is important to master classic drawing and painting techniques in order to be able to apply them to the digital technology. Once you have mastered the basic concepts of traditional art you can move on to using professional software for digital art.
Other than digital painting and photo manipulation, another type of art has conquered the hearts of young artist.
There are many other types of digital arts, various software and countless tutorials but if you are passionate about art you will quickly master a lot of software features and techniques. So even if you find yourself to be not the next Chopin, you must still give piano playing a try for all the benefits it brings to your body, life, mind and soul. The best and easiest way to learn a piano in a short duration, is to take piano lessons from experienced professionals. To help you gain some more insights into what playing a piano entails for you, below listed is a step-by-step guide to how to learn to play piano. While they may at first do not mean much to you and look anything but readable, musical notes are the ABCs of music. The Black keys are found in groups of threes and twos; Look for the group of five black keys, right at the center of the piano.
Mastering the music scales is the key to a solid foundation to piano learning, or any other musical instrument.
There are 12 major scales (Major Scales I and Major Scales II), and 36 minor scales (consisting of the natural minors, melodic minors, harmonic minors – 3 x 12). While notes, chords and scales, give you a solid foundation, to become a true pianist or a musician, you must know how to play in proper rhythm.
Along with Sight-reading and playing by ear, playing with both hands is what will take you to the next level of piano learning.
Finally, after getting accustomed with all the major to-dos and know-hows of piano playing, you must learn to be able to enjoy your performance on a piano. Join our growing community for free to get useful guides and exclusive best deal reports on digital pianos delivered right to your inbox. Move the hands forward and back by clicking on the appropriate buttons beside the digital clock above these instructions. Given the early success of the website and blog, it was only a matter of time before Phil made a video tutorial course to help DJs to learn how to DJ much faster than they would trawling through the web reading articles and watching free tutorials. As a reviewer of the course before its release I was fortunate enough to watch and learn from it  myself and give an honest and neutral opinion on it. Both beginners and even experienced DJs can learn and benefit from what is provided in this course.
Each video lasts between 10 minutes and 45 minutes and consists of well-presented and clear video demonstrations complete with detailed explanations from Phil Morse himself on the topics that are presented.
To break it down for DJs considering this course, I review each video of the course for you below. Phil introduces himself and talks about the highlights of his DJ career and how he moved from vinyl to digital technology and why. You find out here why Phil is perhaps the best guy around to teaching you how to digital DJ fast.
Phil walks us through the different types of digital DJing and the 3 setups that we can choose between, explaining the advantages of each one. For beginners out there and those DJs converting from Cd and vinyl, choosing the correct digital gear can be a headache.
Phil helps us out by explaining the purposes of all types of digital gear, the type of laptop we’ll need and how prices can vary. We get the lowdown on the best mixing software for DJs and we learn about sound outputs on controllers. I especially enjoyed this chapter as I have personally had issues sifting through the masses of music that come my way these days. Phil tells us what kind of music we should be choosing for playing to people and what will make you stand out from other DJs and get better gigs. For both DJs who are starting out and those who are getting used to digital DJing, this is a great introduction to setting up your controller.
We learn about the controls, what they are used for and the basics of playing your first track. I met a DJ once who had been playing for months and didn’t know how to work his Xponent controller properly at all. Here, you learn all about the basics of cueing, lining up tracks and using headphones to monitor incoming tracks.
Phil explains what tracks you can and can’t beat match, and shows you the technique for wiring your ears to detect tracks that are faster or slower and how to get them running at the same speed for a smooth mix. We learn about perfecting the mix, using the BPM display and tempo to improve mix quality and even how the sync function on controllers can help us out. The tutorial helps you to sharpen your mixing skills which is useful for mixing tracks that are tough to transition and those that change in tempo. We learn all about beats and bars for mixing, musical patterns, lining up blocks of beats and measuring bars. For DJs like me who have experience, this is the most beneficial chapter together with chapter 3. Selecting the right tunes for the moment can be challenging and sometimes we need to follow up with a special tune that would go down perfectly well with the crowd.
We also find out about setting permanent cue points and how using them in the right way can add originality and flavour to your set. Phil wraps up with a conclusion on how you should use this to make your mixes better and how to get out playing in less time.

From the point of view of a beginner or a DJ looking to transition to digital DJing, this course is a refreshingly clear and well-presented learning programme that is easy to follow and understand. We could compare taking this course to having a personal DJ trainer or tutor: an experienced successful DJ and mentor is there on the screen, almost looking over our shoulders as we learn to mix. The videos are very professionally shot and performed and Phil’s explanations and tutorials are easy to follow. For DJs looking to get off the ground and up and running faster, Phil’s course is an solid, value-for-money tutorial which will definitely help you get gigs in far less time. You can definitely become a DJ in less time thanks to the techniques Phil shares with us, although when it comes to getting gigs you’ll need to be proactive about it yourself. More importantly, your first paid gig should pay you as much as the price of this learning course. You learn how to be a DJ, you get your first gig and you earn what this course cost your back at your first gig. Learn to Draw is a fun and interactive software program for those who want to learn how to draw. Using the computer mouse or the touch pad of a laptop, you can create simple shapes & forms to begin with. The included tutorial is created to teach kids, teens and any beginner who may not know much about art or drawing.
This is a great software for parents who wish to teach their kids how to use the computer & learn drawing.
Be more imaginative and let your hands do the sketches as you make every drawing look like it was created by a pro! Let your creative mind push your senses and make yourself create something you have never imagined you are capable of doing.
This page is called the Sketch Heroes, host of the biggest collection of drawing tutorials online to date! All you have to do is register at the website to have your own account and fully enjoy all of the features.  Sketch Heroes Home will already show you easy-to-follow sample video tutorials for a glimpse on how easy and fun drawing is. By building your own profile in this site, you can send and receive mail, make friends, invite people, and explore blogs, forums, and videos relating to the art of drawing and sketching. Boost some confidence and develop yours and your child’s artistic skills by letting each one of you get hooked to Sketch Heroes! Despite that fact that there are certain new technology software programs which allow the user to create random designs which are visually pleasant, true art requires technique. Despite the fact that most people believe that all types of new technology are worthless from an artistic point of view, they are mere tools and the way that the artists uses them determines the value of an art piece.
The best part about learning to play a piano is, any one can learn a piano and age has nothing to do with it!
Though, piano courses are seldom low priced, they are the most effective way to get yourself familiar and develop expertise with the instrument.
You must first completely familiarize yourself with the keyboard layout, note names and the piano finger numbers.
The Middle C is the white key placed to the left of the two black keys in the exact middle of the piano. It goes a long way in helping you get familiar with the keyboard, as well as helps you during the latter stages in composing your own music. It will take you hours and hours of practice to just explore the various levels of scales, but in the end you will find your confidence, technique, familiarity with the keyboard, ability to read, learn and memorize music, all enhanced remarkably well.
Once you have begun to feel confident playing using either hand separately, you must always (nearly always) practice to play a piano using both hands, in equal measure. Playing a piano is no easy feat to achieve, and while learning its basics, it is very easy to get overwhelmed and bored with the process. Phil shares some excellent techniques on how to mix and the advanced techniques (towards the end of the course) were especially useful for sharpening my own mixing techniques. Phil was reviewing DJ controllers before any DJ even knew about them and has vast experience. We learn valuable info for finding the best tracks that no other DJs in your town can find, how to remember those hot tunes and how to organise them fast. This video on its own can help learning DJs set up and understand their controller in far less time than they would do otherwise.
This video is essential learning for getting to grips with the basic notions of mixing and what is to follow. We learn when and when not to use the sync button and more about functions which can improve mixing skills. I find that mixing is hard when I’m tired or half-way through a long set, which is where these techniques help out. Phil shares us his secret 6 mixing techniques guaranteed to get you through any tough track transition. It can show you the way and explain the best practices of making and playing your track selection but only you can know what tracks are the best for those in front of you. Remember, no matter how good a DJ you are in your bedroom, you’re not playing until there are people in front of you. Consider that the price is far less than what you’ll pay taking DJ lessons and is just as useful. It is a great online tool to teach kids how to draw although it can be used by anyone who wants to learn how to draw. Best of all, the program will act as your personal art teacher – it will check each of your drawings and indicate which areas need further improvement.
Tools in the software include various types of pencils, eraser, magnifying tool & a mover to move the drawing canvass. The 25 lessons cover all the basic aspects of drawing, from simple lines, to curves & complete shapes. Kids will find the instructions easy & with a little help from their parents could easily master the basics of drawing. If you or your kids like the software & find Learn to Draw useful, you can purchase a full licensed copy.
Join thousands of subscribers & get the best Free Photo Video software for your personal use.
Learn and have fun all at the same time with Sketch Heroes and let your ingenious hands master every stroke and techniques in creating a masterpiece in the form of cartoon-drawing.

As you click on the category or image you wish to sketch, the complete set of steps will be displayed by numbers along side. Just like what any social network site permits, Sketch Heroes also allows every member to post and comment on submitted entries wherein it will help every artists to explore and know their strengths and weaknesses in this art.
This type of art can include 3-dimensional pictures, animations, fractal designs, photo manipulation, stereoscopy as well as a few other categories. Visualizing objects in space as well as having a thorough understanding of the human anatomy are essential to quality designs.
This amazing software has a lot of features that allow you to unleash your creativity into creating unique designs.
If you are still wondering about how to learn digital art just browse the web for digital art and choose the one that you find most suited for you. Whether you are extremely gifted or just an average person with the desire to be a musician. Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si, Do are the musical notes which correspond to C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C respectively. For which, a proper (and comfortable) posture, sitting position and some basic keyboard skills are very helpful. If you go up or down the length of the keyboard, you will notice that every white key to the immediate left of any set of two black keys is a C or Do.
Learning piano scales might not be the most interesting part of piano learning, but it is most essential. It must be noted that without gaining proficiency in scales (most teachers and players avoid them), you will never be able to achieve a high level of piano skills. While major chords have fuller sound to them, the minor chords tend to sound flat and slightly dissonant.
Even if you are playing only a portion of a song, you must keep playing it at a set rhythm, never mind if you miss a note or two, or forget to play a major chord…just do not let the rhythm break. You need to keep your mind fresh, so that it is able to endure the long hours of piano practice.
This content is provided 'as is' and is subject to change or removal at any time without prior notice. MrKent created this for his grandchildren to help them learn to tell time from an old-fashion clock. I use this function very often to help mixing and to add some new shape to mixes, but Phil goes into more detail. Click on every number such as Step 1, Step 2, Step 3… have fun watching it and little by little you will get inspired to make your own artwork immediately. While this art is based on using digital technology, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be a computer wizard in order to create beautiful art. Most types of digital pictures are based on a classic sketch that is used as a foundation for future color and texture layers. Once you have done so download the appropriate software, watch some basic tutorials and get busy. Or someone who always had the passion but never the time or money to learn a piano; you can learn to play a piano in a short time, provided you are willing to put in the required effort.
Of these E, G, B, D are the Bass Clefs (also called G Clefs), while C, F, A, C are Treble Clefs (or F Clefs). You will do well do practice this out a bit, and learn to match all the notes to the black and white piano keys. Practicing scales forms a connection between your fingers, your thinking process and the keys.
The happier tone of the major chords makes them ideally suited to be used in a happy background music, while the minor chords are mainly used to create suspense and thrill in the piece. And before long, you will be able to make changes in the rhythm on your own, vary it according to your taste or, in other words, learn how to make music!
Make sure that you shut off all the stress and worries when you are sitting at a piano, you don’t need tensed fingers while playing, as they simply wont be able to create music on an instrument as sensitive as a piano.
If you are looking for a few easy instructions for how to learn digital art you will be deeply disappointed. Although a professional fractal artist is capable of creating pictures that resemble real shapes, reproducing is not part of this creative project as inspiration often comes from one’s own imagination and color accidents can have a beautiful result.
Not only playing piano is educational and fun, it also has its therapeutic and health benefits. The treble Clefs are usually those higher notes that are often played with the right hand; they start from the middle C (at the center of the piano) all the way to the end of the keyboard. You must remember that notations are important though, and a rhythm played with proper notes, punctuated by well-placed silences is the key to making beautiful music.
Fractal art is based on mathematical principles but the artist doesn’t need to know these principles due to the fact that they are automatically generated by specific software such as Fractal Explorer or Chaos Pro. You could also opt for a second hand acoustic piano, if you do not want to buy a digital keyboard.
The bass Clefs (or G Clefs) are the lower pitch, all left to the middle C and played by the left hand of the pianist. Various tutorials provide step by step instructions that teach you how to use all the tools of this advanced software. Having a piano at home helps you practice as much as you want, in your preferred environment. For beginners, it is advisable to stick to learning the major chords, before they move on to the finer, minor chords.
After a little practice, you will be able to pick out the melody using your ears, and your hands will learn to play in accordance without having to so much as glance at the notes lying in front of you.
Key to developing mastery in playing with both hands is practicing playing by ear and by sight reading new music.

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