Welcome to Lee's Wood Products, Inc., proud manufacturer of Solid Wood Award and Recognition products. As you navigate our website, please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Real wood panelling can provide a wonderful rustic feel to a room, just like wood floors do.
While we are still troubleshooting the network issues for the brand new infrastructure, please bear with us for any delay. Textured surface give you good vision sense and the special surface can massage your foot and make your life more healthy and beautiful . April 12, 2011 by walsh99 6 Comments We recently bid on a 1200 square foot flooring  project and were not chosen by the owner originally.
We did not originally get to do this job, but after the first flooring contractor made a horrible mess of this wood floor, we were called by the owner to fix the problems.
I would never name the flooring company who did this floor, because with work like this, I am sure they will be weeded out of the business very soon, and rightfully so. Drum Sander Streaks – These can be caused by several different things, but are normally caused by either a bad sanding belt if a belt machine was used, or by a really bad place on the drum or a screw or nail in the drum if a drum machine was used.

Planer Marks –  These are the original planer marks from the factory that were left on the floor.
Edger Swirls – This is caused by the edger machine, the machine that is supposed to be used around the perimeter of the floor only to sand areas that cannot be sanded by the larger belt or drum machine. Trash in the Finish –  When you site finish a floor, there is no way to get every single piece of trash out of the finish. Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Rocky Mount, Virginia, Lee's Wood Products, Inc. If you are looking to install this type of panelling and would like to save some money, you will need to know how to finish wood panelling yourself.
Applying advanced equal texture technology which make fiber equally in the base board .All these make the flooring more steady and better foot sense. I can sand blindfolded with arm tied behind my back ,while hopping on one leg and get better results then that. If you are not a distributor, but have interest in our products, contact us today and allow us to direct you to a distributor near you.
If you are not a distributor, but are interested in our products, please contact us and allow us to assist you in finding a distributor near you.

Over the development of several years, the enterprise has won good reputation and prestige for its competitive price and good quality.
We not only capture the domestic market steadily, but also push rapidly to the overseas market.
The garage tends to work best because you can open the door but are not exposed to the elements ,which may blow dirt and debris onto your wet finish.2. Our company’s total investment is about 30 millions at present, and have 30 technical persons. Meanwhile our company is equipped with full sets of advanced equipment for laminate flooring production. Then, using a paintbrush, apply the finish evenly and according to manufacturer directions.10. Try executing each step on each panel all at once.Looking For An Expert Painter?If you are a little unsure of how to finish wood panelling on your own, a professional painter can help.

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