The Mentoring Moms program provides a young parent with a special friend who will help her develop the skills to solve problems and make decisions. This program also provides a new and special friendship with a mother who is an experienced parent. First of all, let me thank everyone for their advice and support regarding our current daycare situation.
Besides becoming a 6 month old, J is teething hardcore causing his eating and sleeping habits to change almost every day right now.
When I walked in with J yesterday, she exclaimed "Oh there's my boyfriend!" Just her saying that made me feel better.
But hey, Monday means it's time to link-up with me and Savannah for Fun with our Phones Monday!
Tuesday, I arrived at daycare {like usual} and J's teachers informed me he wasn't wanting his morning bottle. Once again, I attempted to explain what I thought needed to be done to help Baby J not be so miserable. And now, I'm  left fuming at the thought of taking J to daycare and having to see those two teachers whom up until yesterday I respected and adored. I know I just rambled on forever, but you working moms with little babes in daycare must understand my woes.
With Baby J turning 6 months old tomorrow, I'm really beginning to reflect on this thing we call motherhood.
Last Saturday, my mom watched J so that the Hubby and I could spend time painting the new house. We finally got in the car and drove the 30 seconds to daycare only for Baby J to throw up again! As I rummaged through his 3-6 month basket of clothes I pulled out a little onesie that reads "Mommy Loves Me." I'll be honest, I don't care for this onesie.

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Sorry, y'all, but moving this weekend and J's overwhelming teething really threw off my social media schedule. Again just told them to offer him the bottles and toss out what he didn't eat but to really try to get him to have at least 6 ounces. I ask about his Wednesday bottles and they then tell me he didn't really want any of them {yet for some reason on my take-home sheet it said he ate all of his bottles}. I explained how rudely I had just been treated and that I'd appreciate if she would relay to them how he should be fed since they apparently can't see me standing in front of their freaking faces.
I'm now worried he won't be adequately taken care of because I have managed to piss off his teachers. Nope, that naive girl who tried to picture what being a mom was like was way way off in her visions.
We'll see how much he's grown, get the details on eating solids and give him a million hugs after those awful shots. And by the time J woke up, he was plopped onto our bed for kisses and hugs from mommy and daddy. I get to see the bestest Canadian friend in the world next week to celebrate our b-day together! When afternoon comes and I pick up the baby they say nothing regarding bottles so I assume everything is fine and dandy. I attempted to be calm in explaining to them that my child was starving when he got home and something wasn't going right during his days at daycare right now.
I thought it was perfect timing to explain what I decided was the best idea for getting J to eat and be happy again.
Because even though I haven't slept a full night in six months, every second has been worth it to watch my son change our lives.

It's a reminder for us moms on days when the baby vomits all over your favorite sweater, his new outfit and the clean sheets you had just put on the bed. I'm having to say goodbye to the newborn stage of our lives and welcome in this new "baby" stage. It's for frustrated, frazzled mommies to look down at that "bundle of joy" and be reminded by three simple words that she does not in fact want to give her baby to the first person whom offers. A full-on cleaning would have to wait until my lunch break because we were now running about 10 minutes late. So, obviously when we needed a daycare and we could be at the top of the waiting list I jumped.
I told them just to offer it to him and if the formula went to waste then it went to waste. Pain to the deepest level when tiny tears stream down his face and love that exceeds any emotion I previously thought to be humanly possible when he smiles my way. More posts to come about that this week!But in even bigger news, Baby J turned 6 months old on Friday! The Doc said he is a strong little guy. This momma was raising hell I didn't care if the two-year-olds were in the next room napping.
We'd spend our days together cuddling and reading, but unfortunately that can't be my reality right now.
That is until I got home ten minutes later and had a baby who was SCREAMING his head off out of starvation. I offered him a bottle and he scarfed it down screaming at me if I took it out of his mouth.

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