This was a huge hit for the boys…and they were able to give Daddy a full synopsis once he came home from work!
I love that you came up with a way to study blood that is on a large scale and that removes the gross factor for kids! You should be able to buy them at craft stores (in the floral department), but there is also a link in the post to where I purchased them (on Amazon). My package says it takes 10 HOURS for the water beads to fully hydrate, so I would definitely do that the evening before so they are ready to go the next day. Hi there can you tell me how many packages of the beads you used – we have 10g packets and I am not sure how many we need to fill a tub.
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I’ve definitely pinned for a future homeschool activity once we get there (and my child is older), but what a fantastic way to teach children about blood! Are they sold in stores like Super Target or a specialty store or do I have to order online?
On their own, they are pretty pale, but when you put them all together they should be relatively dark just like the photos.
If you wish to share any posts or photographs from this site on your blog or website, you may use one picture with a link to the original post. Candy: white jelly beans (white blood cells), red hots (red blood cells), candy sprinkles (platelets).

I ask because I just read to my kids about blood in our science book and don’t want to wait four days to receive them to do this with my kids, it looks that fun!!
My daughter brought down some of her dollhouse dolls so she could recreate scenes from the Magic School Bus!
I was thinking about making this safe (aka edible) for my 2 year old by using red tapioca pearls (red blood cells), twizzlers (platelets), and marshmallows (white blood cells). You can always add some food coloring (or liquid watercolors) if necessary, but I doubt you will need to once you get enough beads.

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