Learning a little basic guitar playing is not hard, everyone can learn to play some basic cords in a few days. Chris, this is ture for all instruments Andres Segovia died at the age 94 and he played at least 8 hours per day. IMHO, any instrument that has discrete notes such as Guitar are substantially easier to play that the ones that have continuous notes such as Violin. Enthuware - Best Mock Exams and Questions for Oracle Java Certifications Quality Guaranteed - Pass or Full Refund! Although I don’t play all of these instruments in their traditional styles, I am proficient at all of them, except the concertina. One reason many people give up on learning a musical instrument is that they feel like they do not make enough progress. How does playing one of these 6 simple musical instruments fit into the minimalist philosophy?

The reason is that the purity of the note depends on the location of your finger on the string. Bending is a portamento technique to transition between notes without defining intermediate notes.
Through the years, I’ve played a variety of instruments and written hundreds of songs. Although I played trumpet as a kid, I’ve learned all the instruments that I currently play as an adult. It takes time, but one day you’ll discover that you can play things you never thought possible. On guitar, this is typically a half or full step, and requires the player to hit that pitch by ear (as on a fretless instrument). While this is not a problem in guitar because you just have press the string anywhere between two bars to get the same note.

Unintentional bends have the effect of detuning the notes (usually a quarter step or less), and are a common problem when fingering difficult chords.
Flute is kind of in the middle of the toughness scale because you have to produce half notes with your intuition. The ultimate instrument is of course your vocal chord! Today, I’ll introduce 6 simple musical instruments that you can easily learn to play.
Bongos, congas, box drums, tambourines, and shakers are all simple, inexpensive, and easy to learn.
No wonder people like Pandit Bhimsen Joshi spend their life time in trying to achieve the timbre, precision, and speed, of the notes.

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