Dusseldorf, 17 August 2012 – The expectations of corporate customers concerning the bandwidth of information in their bank’s e-banking portal are high.
Banks using MULTIVERSA IFP can offer their corporate customers a comprehensive financial overview – not only on payments or cash management but also on other banking activities like, for example, trade finance or FX transactions. Design for :WRX, Nissan GTS, GTR, MR2, Starlet, 300zx, RX7, Supra, any car with and without map sensor.
The brightly lit LCD screen is easy to read and the touch screen controls provide ease of use. This KitchenAid Pro Electric Scale is the perfect tool for a master chef precisely weighing and measuring ingredients or for portion control for the diet conscious.

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A convenient solution should cover all corporate banking services, should be user-friendly and accessible via secure single sign-on technology. It integrates already existing applications by using their web services or other integration options.
The extension by further banking services makes MULTIVERSA IFP an even more convenient, full electronic banking portal for corporate customers. But mostly banks run various corporate banking applications in decentralised systems with separate accesses for the customers.

By presenting the data and functionality of currently isolated applications via the GUI of MULTIVERSA IFP, the bank customers benefit significantly from the “all-in-one application”. The users access the homogenous GUI either browser-based or via mobile devices through a common authentication.

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