Most PC keyboards available on the market are standard 101-key US traditional, or an improved alternative of this.
The alternative is a virtual keyboard management program that permits you to adjust the standard keyboard and make it work as if it was designed to be used in your country.
The software features an English to Bangla phoenetic typing function that allows you to view in a floating preview window the English phonetic transcription of any Bangla word. The traditional keyboard layout based Bangla typing available in the application makes it easy for you to input special characters using your standard keyboard by simply choosing one of the predefined layouts: Probhat, Munir Optima, Avro Easy, Bornona or Jatya.
Some of the other useful tools the application provides are Unicode to Bijoi text converter, skin designer, font fixer or iComplex: a tool to install complex script support in Windows.

Only few manufacturers provide custom defined keyboard layouts suitable for typing special characters, diacritics or unique signs. Such a tool is Avro Keyboard Bangla Software: it provides the means to customize your keyboard so you can easily type using any of the provided keyboard layouts used in India and Bangladesh.
From here you can switch between English and Bangla input languages, access the layout viewer or the click'n type window, choose between the various Bangla layouts and access the rest of its perks.
Moreover, the comprehensive dictionary that comes with the package allows you to check your spelling and correct your writing so you don't miss any typos or mistakes. As an alternative you can use the program's click and type virtual keyboard that allows you to use your mouse as the imputing device.

That is possible due to its built-in automatic font installer that provides you with all the fonts the application uses without you having to search for the fonts. All these make Keyboard Bangla Software a complete product for using you keyboard with ease your keyboard when it comes to writing in Bangla.
It displays all of the symbols of a selected font, allowing you to quickly choose between the different character sets.

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