Notable Beginnings Music School is a privately owned and operated music school that was founded in 1999 in Appleton, Wisconsin, with the Louisville location opening in the Highlands in 2001.
We are on Taylorsville Road in the Highlands, just 3 blocks in from Bardstown Road and about one mile inside the Watterson Expressway (I-264). Wow, the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory was beyond fantastic and best of all it’s a real factory turning out an all-American product. Seeing all this baseball stuff brought back so many memories for me like watching my LA Dodgers win the World Series during a hot summer in in 1981, the summer before I started high school. Heading into the factory for the tour with our guide, we watched how they core out several bats from a single log of wood and then sand, seal, and finish them.

We offer lessons on brass, woodwinds, strings, guitar, piano and voice as well as MusikGarten for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Our mission is to provide high quality music education to students of all ages in a professional, nurturing, comfortable environment. We are located in the bright yellow Victorian house right next to Bethany Baptist Church and there is free parking next to and behind the building.
Did you know that most big league ball players have their own bats made to their specifications?
It also reminded me how when I was a kid, my brothers got to play little league baseball, but my parents told me that was for boys, and as much as I wanted to play too, the answer was always no.

The make their factory models and also custom make bats for major league ball players or anyone who wants one. How can you not want to take a swing after reading about so many baseball greats and watching how they make the bats? After doing a little souvenir shopping we headed out front to see the largest baseball bat in the world.

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