In today’s video lesson we will finish learning how to play the first movement of Fur Elise.
If you have decided that you would like to purchase the sheet music for Fur Elise, you can click on the following link: Fur Elise sheet music.
Please note that you do not need any sheet music to learn to play the piano with my videos.
Note that today’s online piano lesson video begins with the measure labeled with the number 2. There is actually one other kind of note in the above transcription – a dotted eighth note! When a dot is placed next to a note, the duration of the note is increased by half of its value.
In other words, the dotted eighth note is held for the same amount of time as it takes to play three sixteenth notes. Let’s look closely at one measure of the above transcription and do some musical mathematics to see how the notes and rests we just learned about fill out the measure. Let’s also take a moment to look at how nicely everything is lined up when you compare the symbols on the treble and bass staffs. The dotted eighth note on the treble staff has the same duration as the three sixteenth notes on the bass staff.
Next week we will begin learning to play the second movement of Fur Elise which is much harder. And yes, I will continue to teach some theory with each lesson for those of you that are interested.
Have you been practicing with that video for about 5 minutes each day during the past week.

Today’s video will teach you how to finish up the first half of the first movement of Fur Elise. Once again, I recommend spending about five minutes a day mastering all the parts taught in lessons 1 and 2.
As always, I will include more advanced material after the video for those of you that want to take your piano playing to the next level. Since you scrolled down past the video, I’m going to assume that you want to learn some more theory. Although it is not necessary for the lesson, some of you may want to purchase the sheet music for Fur Elise. If you want to support this blog you can use the above affiliate link before making your purchase.
Remember that the first measure of the song only has two sixteenth notes (which has the same number of beats as one eighth note). Next week we will take a short break from these lessons so that I can give a review of a piano learning system for beginners called Pianoforall. In two weeks from now I will continue to teach you how to read the sheet music for Fur Elise.
Don’t be afraid to rewind as much as you need to, and try to spend about five minutes every day with this lesson.
But for those of you that are interested I will continue to teach you how to read the sheet music in this blog post after the video lesson.
See if you can find them (note that in the transcription these notes are upside down with the flag turned inward). Here we have three sixteenth notes, followed by a sixteenth rest, followed by an eighth rest.

Therefore the first eighth note on the treble staff is shifted over to the right so that it appears right above the sixteenth rest on the bass staff.
Let’s talk about that symbol mf that appears between the treble and bass staffs in the above picture.
Either way, you may want to quickly review that video before continuing on to today’s lesson. This will be a very short video since there are only two small parts that we need to go over.
This means that I make a small commission if you do decide to buy something from their website. Since the quarter note is the only symbol on the treble staff, and a quarter note has the same number of beats as two eighth notes, this last measure has only two of the three beats that it is supposed to. In this case it is telling the performer to go back to the beginning of the song and start over. So these two partial measures together give us the three eighth notes we need to make up one complete measure. Wouldny#39;t it be nice if you could Beethoven Fur Elise played on the piano including the solo.

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