Fixed a number of bugs in the classroom, including an update to the current lesson on a students' machine if a teacher has deleted or modified the lesson or course with this lesson; the results are properly exported to PDF on Windows 10 systems and many other minor bugs. You can evaluate your own performance or that of your kids or students at any time by simply looking at charts.Typing Tutor tracks your progress, and allows you to view your results at any time. If you or your kids are not good in typing and planning to join a summer school to improve your typing skills then we have a solution for your this problem. TypingWeb a online typing tutor is free service, which provides you opportunity to learn free lessons to improve your typing skills. Registration on TypingWeb is not mandatory to get a start, you can use it directly but if you register then you can track your progress, access additional contents and compete for the place in hall of fame. Here, you can always download the latest versions of Rapid Typing Tutor, directly from the development team.We do not sell RapidTyping, it really is free.

Day If you have not been making any significant initiatives to improve your typing speed, maybe you have experienced its negative impact on your productivity ? You don’t need to go any where and no need to pay something, just need an internet connection and web browser. As compared to “hunt and peck” method of typing, or the one in which the typist has to find and hit each key individually, “touch-typing” is much more productive.Basically, the “touch-typing” technique involves keeping the eyes on the source copy at all times.
Plese send an email to "admin at rizwanashraf dot com" from your official email address if you believe that any content should not be on this site, Thanks. This means the typist does not look at the keyboard at all; instead he memorizes the keys and designates certain areas of the keyboard to be manned by each finger on his hands. Disabled the possibility to work with a virtual keyboard using a mouse on systems without a touch-sensitive display.

This is highly beneficial because, this organized system saves a lot of time and free your brain and your eyes the hassle of processing visual information from the keyboard.
Fixed minor bugs, including course renaming with a double click, changing the width of the student list window, etc.
As you will find, these apps contain some speed tests to monitor your progress, tutorials, illustrations and many more.

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