In this exercise we look at the final practical application of the concepts discussed in early videos.
Remember, this is only an exercise to help you familiarize yourself with a way of improvising. In this jazz piano lesson we take a look at applying the concepts we've learned about chromatics to the Jazz Blues form.
In this week's jazz piano we take a look at the "Jazz Blues" progression and explain the differences between the "traditional" blues form and the "Jazz Blues" form. In this jazz piano video lesson we look at how to practice the exercises we've learned so far through other chord cycles.

You can think of the key centers in these groups as belonging to three diminished seventh chords.
Either write out a group of random key centers or choose them at will while sitting at your instrument. This week's modern jazz line is a motivic melody followed by a somewhat cliche be-bop line. You can find my complete collection of Modern Jazz Line "How to Improvise" playlists below. These exercises for the jazz pianist (or any musician for that matter) are as technical as they are practical.

Please watch the first exercise of this jazz piano technique series before continuing with this lesson by clicking here.

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