Melody Medley: 10 lagu dimainkan terus mnerus diiringi cahaya lampu yang menari bersama melody.
Piano di Lantai: Ajak bayi untuk menekan tuts seperti bermain piano apabila bayi sudah siap untuk bermain di luar tempat tidur!
This colorful activity gym loaded great features including tummy time bolster, peek ’ mirror, brightly colored play mat plush play pals.. I adore this toy, or should I say The Little Man adores this toyThe Fisher Price Kick & Play Piano Gym is suitable from birth to 18 months. I don't know if I was expecting too much however I love the Little Tikes toy range so much I had high hopes for these products, especially the cup holder.
A Canadian designer based in Los Angeles Stephen Kenn, offers a custom sofa as part of his military-inspired Inheritance Collection. Ini salah satu cara pertama yang saat mereka menunjukkan rasa ketertarikannya dan kegembiraan.
Pengaturan yang berbeda membantu bayi belajar huruf, angka, warna, bentuk & suara binatang.

It's really easy to assemble once everything is out of the box, and you can easily take it apart and roll the mat when its not in use to make storage easier, which is particularly great for those of us with tiny houses! Porter just made their second round of discounts, with select items now available for up to 50% off. Kick & Play Piano mendorong bayi Anda untuk menggunakan gerakan menendang alami untuk membuat hal-hal menyenangkan terjadi!
The colours are bright and eye catching and is covered in funky rainforest animals and it arrives with the batteries it needs!
It comes in three parts, a overhead toy bar with three dangling toys (which can also be chewed) and a large mirror), brightly coloured washable play mat and a noisy piano which is attached to the bottom of the play mat. Move the arch down for tummy-time play, or let baby sit and entertain you with a piano concert!
It offers three modes of play, which means it's a product that will last and a child will not outgrow straight away. As The Little Man is still only 9 weeks old this is the only way we've used the toy so far, but I'm impressed by the fact it will last and can see him right through until he's a toddler.

The second option is Tummy Time, where the toy bar is put on the ground at the top of the play mat and baby is placed on their front to play with the toys. This helps strengthen neck muscles and will eventually help encourage your baby to roll over or start to crawl.
He wanted his head up and to play with the toys and was trying to push himself along with his feet, which he obviously couldn't do so got very frustrated, very quickly! We have a tummy time pillow to help lift The Little Man a little, he seems to enjoy is a little more, but I think it would work well with this play mat as I think he finds the toys a bit more interesting than the ones that come with the tummy pillow. The piano is lifted up at the end of the play mat and the baby can play the keys with its hands.
The piano can also be removed completely and carried about when baby becomes a toddler - then Mammy can never get away from the noise!Obviously I can't ask the Little Man what he thinks but if you have a look at his YouTube video you should get an idea of how much he seems enjoys it.

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