Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The best way to learn is to play songs, because with a recorded song you have a frame of reference to compare your playing to. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. But, the Geetar Method teaches all these techniques in a way that is fun and appropriate for kids. If you have kids, by all means get them started taking piano lessons from the very best teacher you can find. For the adult who has the time and discipline to do so, I would recommend the same thing – find the best teacher you can and start from square one, learning to read music and proceed through all the standard piano literature. Get INCREDIBLE guitar secrets you wona€™t find anywhere else!Subscribe to our mailing list! The first and most overarching reason the Principles is the best way to learn to play guitar is directly related to what is wrong with all existing methods, and that is this: all existing methods for learning guitar teach you from the logic of the guitar itself, and not from the logic of how the body learns and develops. It is of supreme importance to realize the fact that when we learn to play the guitar, we are not, in fact, learning to play the guitar.
I have given one example of how this wrongheaded approach degrades the learning process, I could give hundreds more.
All of those laws are recognized in The Principles, and their unbreakable power is used to master the guitar, not become its slave. When we follow the correct path in learning guitar, the path that understands, respects, and works with the body’s own laws, amazing things happen as time goes by.
Those who have found and followed the true path to instrumental mastery have achieved a profound state of communion between their physical body, and the body of the guitar.
The good diver or basketball player, like the great guitarist, has learned to play WITH the board or ball.
Everything found in my methods for guitar promote the ability to play with the strings, and there are many ways to foster this great sensitivity of the hands, arms, and body that is the prerequisite for this exalted state. Although The Principles may seem complex to someone on their first encounter, at its heart, it is simplicity itself. At some point, users of the Principles realize that these truths have been sitting there all along, waiting to be noticed and understood by anyone paying attention. Very often, a person who has reached this point begins to use these same inner powers in other areas of life endeavors, and discover a greatly enhanced ability to learn anything. When this new relationship with the guitar has taken root and had time to grow, your guitar playing life will become very exciting, and that is because you will be in a constant state of discovery, change, and improvement. Long division is a closed system, you learn the rules, you apply them, and you solve any problem that can be solved by this set of rules applied to this set of relationships between numbers.
As you move along your path of development, everything you have learned up to the present moment will bring you to the jumping off point from which you can reach a new place. Only by being completely in your now moment, with your complete self, can you be led to the new. In the final analysis, this is why the principles is superior to every other method -- because it is not a method -- although it looks like one on the outside. Imagine playing your favorite songs on the guitar easily, with no struggle, and always getting better! Are you curious about what is really inside "The Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar"?
This "Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar" is unlike any other guitar book you have ever seen.
If you want to learn to play a guitar, HOW you practice the guitar is the single greatest factor that determines whether you will become a good guitar player, or struggle endlessly to play. In this lesson for beginner guitarists, I tell you the 2 most important concepts a guitar student must know in order to teach the fingers how to move in a smooth and relaxed way. The sad fact is, for most guitar students plugging away at "guitar exercises", they are not only wasting their time, their "practice" is actually making them worse! The "Foundation Exercises" are unlike any other guitar exercises you have seen, and yet, they are the key to mastering the guitar, without struggling.
Everything that happens when you play is the direct result of what you do when you practice.

This is another classic song that is easy to learn and play where only five chords are used - D, G, C, A, and F minor. Folk songs like The Fox and classic hymns like Amazing Grace. Singing fun, recognizable tunes is the best way to learn to sing and strum! Kids need a warm body along side them to help them focus, correct their fingering, help them learn to read, and methodically work through all the elements of piano playing. But for the busy adult who just wants to come home from work and play for their own enjoyment and relaxation and doesn’t have the desire or time for formal piano lessons, then the fastest way to start playing the songs you want to play is to learn chords and chord symbols.
Over the years I have taught LOTS of those people – many doctors and professional people who have no time or energy other than to play for their own enjoyment.
Well, that is a true statement, but it is merely descriptive, it merely describes the results of using the method. And so, even though the hardest place to play on the guitar is the first fret, even though starting to learn by learning the notes down there will absolutely cause moderate to great excess tension throughout the whole body (especially for the beginner), and even though this tension will become locked into the muscles and severely affect all future playing -- still, that is where every method begins, down at the first fret. We are learning to use our body to create music from the guitar -- that is what we are doing. Because the physical reality of playing is ignored, because the fact that we are really learning to use the body, not play the guitar, is not recognized, all training methods are a torment to the body, and continually violate the laws by which it learns – and those laws are the laws of motor control learning.
You watch the great player, and you cannot believe that all of these wonderful sounds are coming out of the guitar, and it looks so effortless!
It is quite simple really, and the essential phenomenon is within the experience of most people. This means they have learned how to bring their body into an active relationship with the flexible medium so as to USE its potential energy, not be used by it. All of the specific methods that we employ are based upon seeing certain fundamental truths, and the seeing of these truths is called understanding. The difference between their guitar playing before The Principles and after is like the evolution of a helpless infant into a capable and functioning adult.
They begin to realize that the attitude of mind by which they have now learned these things is the most important thing of all, and the most powerful.
They realize that the same things that prevented insight and ability on guitar are preventing insight into life’s other challenges as well.
When The Principles are understood on a deep level and your entire relationship to playing and practicing guitar has been turned around, you are ready to make another discovery.
Learning is always in the past, the next truth you need to see is always sitting in front of you waiting to be recognized in the present moment.
When it comes to growth as a guitarist, we are primarily dealing with the process of becoming aware of our unawareness. However, at the same time, you must be free of everything you know, and everything you think you know, in order to leave where you are and arrive somewhere new.
When you fully grasp this method that is no method, when your doing on the guitar proceeds from the intensity of your being with the guitar, you will be more than a guitarist, and more than a musician.
There is a method of practicing guitar that will train your fingers for perfect action on guitar. These excerpts from "The Principles" DVD illustrate some of the primary yet profound aspects of learning guitar that must be learned to succeed on guitar.
Here's how Guitar Principles, and "The Principles Of Correct Practice For Guitar" was born. This technique is especially useful when you learn how to play modes and guitar solos so that you can move from one position to the next to play those awesome guitar licks that you normally hear the pros play. The Geetar Method incorporates centuries old Classical guitar techniques that will have you playing at your best.
So instead of boring drills or flashcards you can learn music theory while fighting space monsters. Make sure the teacher knows and teaches music theory too – you want your child to understand what he or she is playing, and to eventually be able to arrange songs and improvise. And lots of them have told me how relaxing it is to come home exhausted from a busy day at the hospital or office, kick off their shoes, and play some song that has been going through their mind that day. We are learning to use muscle, nerve, and bone, to create music from strings, wood, and frets. This is what happens for so many guitar students, and it happens because conventional teaching methods remain in the Dark Ages.

Well, there are two parts to them, the inside parts and the outside parts, the invisible parts and the visible parts. If you walk to the end of the board and start bouncing up and down, you can do it in such a way that you are able to bounce incredibly high with great ease. Once these understandings have taken firm root in a players mind, that player is equipped to embark on an endless journey, a journey of transformation of their life as a guitar player. The power of Attention and Intention, the necessity for maintaining the complete openness to each moment of experience that we call Beginners Mind, is seen as the key to their own process of growth. In the ten years since The Principles went worldwide, we have had many letters from students thanking us for that. You will find that more is asked of you than has ever been asked before, and you will discover parts of your self you did not know were there.
And so, the heart of my teaching is not merely a body of knowledge to be learned and a set of procedures to be performed in a generic fashion. In this process there is an infinite number of variables, and there is no set of finite rules by which it can be done. They will release you, in the mind as well as the body, from the destructive forces that have taken over your relationship with the guitar.
Your next discovery, your next truth, is never in the past, it is always waiting for you now, if you can get to now.
You now look down upon the lower truth and realize that it is still there and valid on its level, but now you see it in a larger set of relationships.
Understanding, seeing the truth, creates endless methods, and this understanding is the real prize.
Because this is what we are really learning, we must allow our method to be dictated by the logic and rules of the body’s learning process and operation, not according to the physical construction of the guitar itself. How does he do that and make it look so easy!?” The great player truly appears to be one with the guitar, and all sense of struggle is absent.
This happens if your body is in sync, or is entrained properly to the flexible medium; both of you are moving in tandem, moving with each other. They experience a complete transformation as guitarists; they have been empowered , and the power is now inside them, theirs to nurture and increase. If you meet the challenge, you will be transformed as a player, and very possibly as a person. It is rather an insight and an understanding that leads you not merely to a way of doing with the guitar, but ultimately to a way of being with the guitar. As you travel from one doorway of insight and ability to another, you will often travel on paths that are unlike any you have seen before, and that is why you must practice Beginners Mind, otherwise, you will be looking for something you have seen before, and miss the new truth in front of you. Whatever you are holding on to cannot be the ultimate truth, because truth cannot be caught, it cannot be held on to and made to stay in one place. In both of these circumstances, we are directing our body to interact with a flexible medium, i.e.
If it is done wrong, it feels terrible, and you get no bounce because you are not tapping the energy of the board, you are in opposition to it instead (this oppostition will always include rigidity, tension, and the inability to relax after efforts). They have learned to align the power of their own minds with the truth of how the body learns, and thereby dominate the guitar and its possibilities. The power to bring about this expanded awareness is always determined by the intensity of involvement in your personal present moment, not in someone’s rule, which is by definition, a past artifact. If it could it would not be free, and if there is one thing every artist in search of truth knows it is that the truth is free. The difference is as great as the difference between lightning and the lightning bug (apologies to Mark Twain!).
Likewise, if you dribble the ball without having your body in proper communion with the ball, well, you will look like me every time I tried to play basketball!

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