No matter where you are in the world, we'll help you find musical instruments that fit you, your music and your style. With 76 touch-sensitive piano keys and a host of features, the Casio WK-500 is an ideal instrument for beginners and advanced players alike.
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Casio WK110 76-Key Electronic KeyboardBlues, Jazz, Piano, Rock or atmospheric Pop ballads - the WK-110 is the perfect companion for all genres. Large space for music: 76 keys with touch response in Piano Look offer the ideal freedom for musical ideas. 515 timbres 515 tones in HL quality are saved on the WK-110 and create a wealth of multi-faceted sounds. 32-voice polyphony vivid sound diversity: The WK-110 plays up to 32 notes at the same time. Registration memory Quick access: You can store up to 32 setups (8 banks with 4 presets each) in the registration memory. LC display helping you keep track: The illuminated LC display enables you to view important information at a glance. Sign up to receive our All Access Pass newsletter, and never miss out on information handpicked for you by our gear experts! In terms of maintenance, one has to keep in mind that the cleaner you keep it, the longer it lasts. Casio brings you the WK-240 which combines all the characteristics of a portable compact keyboard in a unique way. This 76-key keyboard has everything you need to create and perform music including 670 individual tones, 16 track sequencer, rhythm editor and more. Casio WK-6500 Electronic KeyboardThe Casio WK-6500 features a piano-style touch-response keyboard, song sequencer, tone editor, multiple digital effects, mixer, performance registration memory, USB MIDI interface, SD card storage and hundreds of editable tones.
Sequencer and 32 Channel Mixer16 track song sequencer + 1 system track supports recording of up to 5 songs or approximately 30,000 notes. Rhythm EditorAllows you to combine instrumental parts from multiple built-in rhythms, turn individual instrumental portions on or off and adjust volume, pan reverb and other parameters to create your own personal rhythms.
Multiple Digital EffectsA wide range of built-in effects include 10 reverbs, 5 choruses and 100 DSP types. Tone EditorAttack and release time, cut off, vibrato, reverb, chorus and DSP can be adjusted based on your preferences.
I haven't experimented with all the sounds yet, but so far the electric piano and organ voices sound good even through the keyboard's speakers and a pair of low-end headphones. In my experience, there's a fairly steep learning curve involved with getting the most out of all middle to high-end Casio keyboards.
Haven't had any problems with Casio keyboards in the past, so no reason to contact the company.

Maybe just that it looks cool, and the recording, editing, and voice tweaking capabilities. Overall the Casio WK-6500 has a very nice look and feel for a middle tier or just past entry level keyboard.
This well-priced digital keyboard includes 670 high-quality tones, 200 rhythms (with a Rhythm Editor), 15 digital effects, auto-accompaniment, 48-note polyphony, preset scales, scale memory, and more.
With 515 tones and 120 rhythms, the keyboard offers a level of diversity to impress all music fans. The high-quality stereo sampled piano sound in particular enables you to play music spanning from classical to modern piano music. We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right. The Casio WK-6500 offers a pitch bend wheel, a back lit display, music presets and 670 individual tones in a portable design. The extensive list of features and the sound from the high-output 2-way bass reflex sound system found in this music workstation will give you the chance to bring your musical ideas to life and discover the musician in you. Choices of editing tools include event insert, copy and delete, quantize note locator and a step recording function.
You will have to use it a great deal until you get the hang of program new sounds or making changes.
When it comes to recording, this Casio keyboard has line and mic inputs, USB MIDI interface, an SD card slot for song storage, and allows for 10 seconds of sampling.
The USB connection provides a rapid and problem-free transfer of data between PC and keyboard. Equipped with a song bank of 10 practice pieces, this Casio keyboard also has a tone bank of 100 tones. Holiday AccommodationDigitalE3 Conference 2016"The Electronic Entertainment Expo is an exciting event and this year is no different. But if you are a plug & play player, just pick the catogory on the panel and dial in your sound and jam.
I rate it in the same class with the yamaha, korg, and roland workstations but without the added expense.
You can record up to 5 songs made up of 6 tracks each for approximately 12,000 notes total.Other key features include a pitch wheel, Auto Harmonizer, Arpeggiator (90 types), general MIDI level 1 compatibility, song expansion, and 200 presets. This keyboard is apt for beginners and works as an excellent stepping stone in to the world of music. Some people will think "it's a casio; I can't be seen on stage with this", but they will be wrong. The Casio WK-500 has two speakers for your listening pleasure, and also includes line outputs for connecting it to an amplifier or PA for even more sound. Touch response Enables dynamic playing by differing sound intensity and sound behaviour in response to the keystroke.

We are not paid to express favorable opinions or otherwise about any product, service or about Costco itself. Why pay for a more expensive workstation that might not sound any better unless you have money to burn. 48-note polyphony (max.), Number of voices (tones) that a musical instrument can generate at the same time. The keys are nonweighted and easy on the hands but for some that's used to playing an acoustic piano, they may complain about the feel. This is particularly significant when playing on an advanced level, using the pedals or using several timbres at the same time. Step-Up lesson function Auto accompaniment with 200 rhythms, Automatic accompaniment of the melody, which simplifies the left hand's part. A single button (CASIO Chord) or several buttons (Full Range Chord) can produce chords and control the harmonies of the A?accompanying bandA?. AHL sound source, AHL is the acronym for A?Acoustic & Highly-compressed Large-waveformA?, a technology for sound production developed by CASIO. This technology makes the realistic reproduction of acoustic instruments, especially piano sounds, possible. Music Challenge, Fonction permettant dA?apprendre A  jouer des morceaux de musique de faA§on ludique.
Music presets, Helps when playing well-known songs by allowing the musician to preset elements such as tempo, rhythm and timbre. One Touch Presets, Integrated presets that configure the instrument for playing popular genresA? from the French chanson and the Viennese waltz to Latin and Samba. Chorus, Digital effect used to double the timbre, making the sound more vibrant, broader and much livelier.
Layer, This function layers two timbres, such as soft piano sounds combined with bowed string instruments, perfectly suited for ballads as well as slow and romantic songs. Sampling function, This feature allows the user to make short audio recordings which can then be played on the keyboard afterwards. Sequencer (6 tracks x 5 songs), A sequencer allows you to record your own ideas and compositions on the instrument (MIDI). It is possible to record and edit several songs with up to 17 tracks per song, depending on the sequencerA?s size, creating complex arrangements. Arpeggiator, Breaks a compressed chord or separate notes into certain patterns and repeats these.
Auto Harmonize, Auto-harmonize automatically supplements harmonies to notes played by the right hand.

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