Are you in the market for a piano with effective and intuitive interface?  Or maybe a piano that is fairly lightweight, and can easily be moved from location to location?  Well, if you’re willing to spend money on quality craftsmanship, I strongly recommend you consider the Yamaha CP4 Stage Piano. Below, see how the affordable Yamaha CP4 stacks up against some of its peers in categories like weight, price, and customer reviews, which hopefully makes it easier for you to making a purchasing decision when the time is right. This instrument is designed for a different purpose than some of the other digital pianos we’ve looked at in this series. This is most definitely a working man’s (or woman’s) keyboard and is equally suited for your home and the performance venue. It is extremely advantageous that Yamaha has such a rich history of providing world-class-sounding pianos and keyboards for our enjoyment. On many of the sounds, you get multiple variations, each one with different effects applied. In addition to the typical acoustic and electric piano sounds, the CP4 also has 321 additional built-in sounds based on the industry-leading MOTIF synthesizer, including bass, clavinet, organ, strings, pad, and drums.
Just as an aside, the electric grand piano is named as such because it still uses hammers and strings, like an acoustic.
An electric piano’s hammers strike either flat steel reeds, like on the Wurlitzer, or tines of stiff steel wire, like on the Rhodes. The electric piano sounds mentioned above were achieved using a technology Yamaha developed which they call Virtual Circuitry Modeling (VCM). What this endeavors to do is provide for an as-realistic-as-possible digital reproduction of components used in traditional electrical circuits, such as resistors and capacitors. As mentioned above, you also get an onboard 5-band EQ (via sliders), a backlit LCD display, and a scroll wheel for easy navigation.
The CP4 features a natural wood keyboard with keytops made to look like ivory, though they are not textured. This allows you to, for instance, play the same note repeatedly with perfect articulation, and the sounds blend as they would on an acoustic grand, without the use of the sustain pedal. I thought it would be important to include the Yamaha CP40 in this section because it’s the CP4’s little brother. Featuring Roland’s SuperNATURAL Piano sounds, this keyboard includes 5 different acoustic sounds, including an upright, 5 types of vintage electric piano sounds, and more than 1100 other sounds, such as tone wheel organs, modern synth sounds, strings, brass, and so on. The action is Roland’s Progressive Hammer Action with escapement and the keys feel like real ebony and ivory. You also get a nicely laid out control panel, with plenty of knobs for real-time sound morphing to your heart’s delight. The Artis also costs about the same as the Yamaha, so a side-by-side, A-B comparison would almost be a requirement here. And although discontinued, I wanted to mention the Nord NP88 as another comparable instrument to the CP4.
One reason for this could possibly be that with the NP88, you get a DVD with all of the piano sounds in their piano library and you can completely replace the piano sounds inside the keyboard by connecting it to your computer via USB and downloading the sounds into it straight from the DVD. I’d also like to quickly add here that if you are in need of the official CP4 manual, you can download it here.  This will be especially helpful to those that are particularly interested in not only how the piano works and all the features it comes with, but details on the CP4’s warranty, as well.
In regards to the CP4, rest assured that purchase of this piano comes with a limited three year warranty. The CP4 hasn’t been out that long, so the jury’s still out to a certain degree as to how much your average Joe and Jolene will like it. Unlike some of the other instruments we’ve studied in this series, the CP4 does not come with built-in speakers.  This is definitely something you need to consider, as you will have to shell out a few more hundred dollars for a decent amp.
But if you can deal with that drawback, and one or two others that inevitably rear their ugly head with most purchases, this is one piano you can be proud that you own. For more great information on digital piano reviews, you can visit our website (and please bookmark it) for analysis, news, and much more! Vo V-Piano najdete nielen krasne spracovane presety vintage kridla, ale mozete si vytvorit i svoju vlastnu zvukovu zbiekru snov.

Dokonca aj ti najnarocnejsi klaviristi ocenia novu klaviaturu PHA-III Ivory Feel s technologiou Escapement, ktorou je vybavene nove V-Piano. Ani spickove technologie vsak nemusia vzdy vychadzat v ustrety vysoko komplexnym potrebam klaviristov. Roland Corporation is a leading manufacturer and distributor of electronic musical instruments. Roland’s SuperNATURAL® Piano sound engine is the Dynamic Harmonic feature, which allows you to explore even greater dynamic expression when playing fortissimo passages. Acoustic Projection technology delivers stunningly rich, multi-dimensional sound from the onboard speaker system, and you can now enjoy the unique sound field of an acoustic piano during private practice sessions as well with the Headphones 3D Ambience effect.
Explore the world of Roland digital pianos below and visit our store to try them in person!
Piano Digital Roland Vertical LX 15 PE + KSC 62 PE + BNC 31Uma nova dimensao em expressao e sonoridadeCom a elegancia de um classico movel vertical unido a mais alta tecnologia Roland, o LX 15 proporciona uma experiencia completa e natural em som. Loaded with top-of-the-line features, this piano packs an incredible amount of performance power into a smaller, lighter frame. The KR-117M Intelligent Grand Piano combines all the realism of a fine acoustic piano with functionality available only from the world’s best digital pianos.
Enjoy the luxurious look of a grand piano cabinet with a polished finish, as well as grand piano touch and tone. The sounds you will get on the CP4 are unparalleled anywhere, except perhaps on the actual instruments they’re modeled after. In this way, the VCM technology behaves like its analog counterpart and this results in a musical simulation of analog sound qualities. There is a Voice Category function where you can call up the sounds you want faster than scrolling through them all, and you can store your favorite ones in each category.
Like many instruments of this type, the action is what Yamaha calls “graded hammer” action, meaning the keys in the lower register are heavier and as you go up the keyboard in pitch the keys themselves get lighter.
It does have all the other electric piano and other sounds as the CP4, including the drums, just not as many variations of them.
There are a few users out there, though, who have been kind enough to share their experiences with it thus far. Vo V-Piane neexistuje prepinanie dynamiky, takze poskytuje makke a prirodzene doznenie zvukov, ktore musite pocut, aby ste im uverili. With over 40 years of innovation that continues to shape the sound of modern music, Roland sets the standards in music technology for the world to follow. Just like a fine acoustic grand, each note has its own character, and the tonal color changes seamlessly in response to your touch to accurately translate your emotions into sound. With fast key repetition and high-resolution sensing, the PHA-4 faithfully translates into sound the subtlest differences in tone from different playing styles and dynamics. Adding in great extras such as the built-in recorder and compatibility with Roland’s piano apps for Apple iOS devices, Roland digital pianos seamlessly blend the traditional and modern to provide endless inspiration for all piano enthusiasts, from young students and hobbyists to the most advanced players. Equipado com o sistema SuperNATURAL Piano, com a nova tecnologia Soundboard Behaivor, com o inovador sistema de som multidirecional Acoustic Projection, com o premiado teclado PHA III Ivory Feel com Escapement e pedal com acao progressiva – Progressive Damper Action, o LX-15 e o piano ideal para musicos profissionais, assim como pode ser ideal para estudandes de musica. From its exquisite polished ebony cabinet to its expressive grand piano sound, powerful speaker system, and assortment of vocal and instrument sounds, this instrument combines a grand piano with modern, flexible features.
And it does cost a few hundred dollars less than its big brother, so that may be a good way to go for a quality instrument with a few less bells and whistles. I don’t know about you, but when I think of Kurzweil, I think of “piano” because back in the day the Kurzweil digital piano was the industry standard. The biggest plus points are the realism of the sounds, and the responsiveness and quality of the action.
You can view and download a large number of the best selected photos and images from around the web in comfort. Roland’s award-winning digital pianos deliver top-level touch and tone plus unmatched education and technology features.

Tone decay is natural and organic, with the sound not only decreasing in volume, but also gradually changing in color to a softer tone. In addition, the keys are finished with specially developed materials that have moisture-absorbing properties, providing the natural texture and tactile sensation of real ivory and ebony keys on a fine acoustic grand.
A incrivel experiencia de som, toque e resposta de piano estao embutidas em um gabinete sofisticado e elegante. Especially for you we have divided all the pictures by the most popular categories, so you can easily find the photos you need and pictures. Ozivte pod svojim prstami slavne koncerne kridla alebo hrajte na futuristicke piano, ktore dosial nikto nepocul.
Their classic-styled instruments provide the authentic look and feel of traditional pianos but offer many special features that you cannot find in an acoustic piano. In addition to authentic grand piano tones, upright piano tones are now included as well, which provide the unique short decay and up-close sound of a traditional upright instrument. The PHA-4’s authentic hammer-action mechanism also produces less audible noise than previous designs, a welcome feature for not disturbing others when playing with the speakers muted during practice sessions with headphones. O LX-15 cria essa caracteristica unica atraves do inovador sistema Acoustic Projection, resultado da fusao deste sistema de som multidirecional e a tecnologia SuperNATURAL Piano, herdada do V-Piano Grand. A magia da tecnologia Acoustic Projection ganha vida atraves de um sistema de alto-falantes dedicados a reproduzir cada elementos de um piano acustico em sua real localizacao.
Esses elementos reproduzidos por cada falante proporcionam um som rico e dinamico, resultando em um timbre muito mais fiel. A nova tecnologia Soundboard Behavior simula com perfeicao as caracteristicas naturais das cordas e do corpo de um piano acustico, o que nao acontece quando um timbre de piano e simplesmente sampleado. Todas as notas executadas podem ser ouvidas com clareza e perfeicaoLindo Acabamento em Preto PolidoO LX-15 possui gabinete com acabamento em preto polido com detalhes que conferem elegancia classica e robustez. O acabamento espelhado da tampa do teclado reflete o movimento dos dedos, aumentando o prazer de tocar. A tampa superior do gabinete pode ficar aberta ou fechada o que influencia no resultado final do timbre.
Autenticos Timbres de Instrumentos HistoricosAumentando a lista de timbres de pianos de concerto, o LX-15 possue uma categoria de pianos antigos chamada Early Piano, com quatro variacoes do timbre Fortepiano e duas variacoes de cravo.
Obras-primas compostas por maestros como Mozart, Beethoven e Chopin agora podem ser tocadas com seus timbres originais de epoca.
A apreciacao dessas pecas aumenta quando usamos timbres que foram originalmente usados por seus compositores.
Voce tambem pode usar esses timbres com outros temperamentos historicos, solucao ideal para tocar com outros instrumentos classicos.
Teclado PHA III Ivory Feel com EscapementO LX-15 e equipado com um dos teclados mais avancados da Roland, o PHA III (Progressive Hammer Action III) com Ivory Feel e Escapement (duplo escape). Com repeticoes rapidas e sensiveis, esses teclados transferem fielmente, atraves do som, as diferencas de timbre resultantes da expressao de cada pianista em diversos estilos musicais.
O revestimento de cada tecla se assemelha ao marfim e ao ebano, resultando em um teclado com textura e toque extremamente naturais. Progressive Damper Action Pedal (Acao Progressiva)O pedal do LX-15 traz a tecnologia Progressive Damper Action, que reproduz fielmente a resposta do pedal de um piano acustico. Ao pressionar levemente o pedal damper, e sentida uma leve resistencia, que aumenta gradualmente a medida que a pressao continua, exatamente como ocorre em um piano acustico. Conecte um reprodutor de audio externo atraves dos conectores inputl e no LX-15, transponha o audio em tempo real. O material gravado pode ser salvo em um pendrive e copiado para um computador para a criacao de um CD de audio ou para disponibilizar suas musicas na internet.

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