After purchase, you can download your MP3 from your Sheet Music Plus Digital Library - no software installation is necessary! It also helps to listen to the songs and play along so you can hear where the chord changes happen, or look them up on a site like Ultimate Guitar which shows where the chord changes occur relative to the lyrics of the song. Even if you’ve never picked up an instrument before, getting started on the ukulele is fun, easy, and inexpensive.
Using just three chords, C, F, and G, you can play this instantly recognizable classic tune.
This is technically song five and six on our list, because with one chord progression you can play two easy ukulele songs! If you need some more songs to play once you’ve got these down, check out our ultimate list of ukulele songs.
For more help with your new uke, private lessons with a great ukulele teacher can’t be beat!
Playing Your UkuleleFinally, in the third section of this guide, you’ll learn some easy ukulele chords and how to strum them to play songs. Before you begin, you’ll want to have a ukulele of your own so you can practice every day. These beginner ukulele lessons will help you choose the right ukulele, tune it up, and start playing songs. Although ukuleles are available in many gift and novelty shops, for a quality instrument to learn on you should visit your local music store.
If you’re not near any music stores or cannot try your ukulele in-person before you buy online, be sure to read plenty of reviews. How Much Does a Ukulele Cost?You can get a great starter ukulele for as little as $40 to $50, or if you’d like to splurge there are beautiful ukuleles on the market for hundreds of dollars. ConcertClose in size to the soprano ukulele, the concert ukulele has a longer and wider neck. TenorWith its larger body and scale, the tenor ukulele produces a richer sound than the soprano or the concert ukulele. To find the correct pitch while tuning, you can use a tuner, a pitch pipe, a piano or other instrument, or tune to your own ukulele. Ukulele TunersFor beginners, the easiest and most accurate way to tune a ukulele is with the help of a tuner. Look for a tuner that uses a microphone, strobe, or vibration to detect the note you’re playing and can guide you to the correct one.

The vertical lines in each box represent the strings on your ukulele, with the line on the far left of the box representing the G string.
From this chart, you can see that you will play a C chord by placing your finger on the third fret of your bottom string.
They all use the same tuning; so the main difference between them is body size (tenor is the largest).
Ukulele teachers are available to work with you online via Skype or in-person depending on locations and availability. With the days getting longer and the mercury rising, now is a great time to pick up a uke and make a splash at this season’s barbeques, bonfires, and pool parties. You can find a decent starter ukulele at your local music shop for around $40, plus there are tons of resources available online to help you strum your first chord. Get familiar with this chord progression now, because you will be it to play tons of songs in the future! Your teacher can help you learn good technique, show you how to tune your instrument, and give you live feedback on how you’re doing. Most ukuleles don’t have a pick guard to protect the wood from being scratched by a pick.
Its cheerful sound and simplicity make the ukulele truly a joy to learn for players at any level. Luckily, ukuleles are available at a wide range of prices and in several sizes, so you can choose a ukulele that suits your needs. You’ll want a well-constructed ukulele that holds tune well so you can truly enjoy playing it. If you go that route, we recommend trying your instrument in-person before you buy one online. Small and light, soprano ukuleles are great for travel and easy to play, especially if your hands are on the smaller side. Also known as the alto ukulele, concert ukuleles are a great choice if you like the look and sound of the soprano ukulele but its small neck is uncomfortable for you to play.
Tenor ukuleles are a great choice for adult students or guitarists interested in trying something new. Tuned the same as the lower four strings of a guitar, the baritone ukulele most resembles a classical guitar.
A capo is a tool you might use to raise the pitch of your ukulele so you can play in a higher key without changing your fingering.

Press down on the string firmly as close to the fret as possible so that the chord sounds clear and not muffled.
With your metronome set to a nice slow tempo, strum one chord four times with the beat, then change to the next chord. Adjust your fingers as needed if you hear muted or muddy notes or chords. Before you attempt to play any of these songs, first practice each chord with a down strum, using your right hand thumb. Start with the G chord, playing several measures of four consecutive downstrums at a slow tempo. He is both a songwriter and performer, and has taught music business and songwriting at various universities and music schools. The strumming pattern might take  you some time to master, so feel free to pause the video and go as slow as you need to. Getting started with lessons is easy, and your teacher will be able to tailor your lessons so you learn what you really want to play.
If you’re having trouble mastering the right way to strum your uke, working with a ukulele teacher is a great way to learn proper technique.
There’s a vibrant ukulele community online whose blogs, forums, and reviews will help inform your decision. We do not use or store email addresses from this form for any other purpose than sending your share email. After all, if the neck is too small and it hurts your fingers, you won’t have as much fun playing.
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