It also helps to listen to the songs and play along so you can hear where the chord changes happen, or look them up on a site like Ultimate Guitar which shows where the chord changes occur relative to the lyrics of the song. Many young clarinet players learn to hate high notes because they have so much difficulty playing them. The most important requirement for playing high notes is a good, basic clarinet embouchure. Hold your clarinet slightly away from your body and put about A? inch of the mouthpiece in your mouth. Try the following exercises by playing the low note and then adding the register key to play the high note. It is true that Kurt Cobain wasn’t a virtuoso guitar, far from it, but he create incredible melodies as in the case of Come as You Are.
To help you master the guitar, we’ve put together this collection of easy guitar song tutorials.

We make it easy to learn guitar online through live video lessons via Skype or Google Hangouts.
In this lesson, you’ll learn five simple chords, how to put them together to play a song, plus five great songs that are fun to sing and play. Metal guitar can be especially intimidating to beginning guitarists, but these seven songs are actually surprisingly easy to play.
You’ll be a hit at the park on Earth Day with these ecologically-minded easy guitar songs! Make it a Valentine’s Day to remember with one of these classic romantic guitar songs. They all use the same tuning; so the main difference between them is body size (tenor is the largest). Ukulele teachers are available to work with you online via Skype or in-person depending on locations and availability.

Is just a guy who got tired of bothering his friends talking about music, and decided to create a blog to write about what he loves the most. Adjust your fingers as needed if you hear muted or muddy notes or chords. Before you attempt to play any of these songs, first practice each chord with a down strum, using your right hand thumb. Start with the G chord, playing several measures of four consecutive downstrums at a slow tempo. He is both a songwriter and performer, and has taught music business and songwriting at various universities and music schools.

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