I thought it might be a nice idea to include a tiny sample of how this Blues Scale can be used once you get used to it.
Before you know it, those simple blues improvisations will be turning heads in the room! Generate Autopilot Cash 365 Days a Year! Seriously, this scale has a certain "personality" all its own and, once you learn it and start feeling comfortable with it, you'll be bluesin' past your bedtime. The Blues Scale is so widely used in different genres, from the Blues itself to Rock to Jazz to Gospel.

Play the C and then the Eb (using thumb followed by index finger). Now, let's play that again with some attitude! It's quite a different thing when you get yourself into the act and start playing those blues lines yourself. C Eb Eb C Got the idea?

Super! Wow, you've not only learned the blues scale, but you've also started playing part of it in a very interesting way, and your playing what's coming out of your mouth!

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