I thought it might be a nice idea to include a tiny sample of how this Blues Scale can be used once you get used to it.
The free piano chords available for you to download include the basic major, minor and seventh chords. Pretty much all popular music, regardless of the style, shows the chord symbols on the staff.
Even today, you’ll discover that many people play classical music, and sometimes popular music, with little or no knowledge of chords. Some time ago, I received a phone call from a woman saying that her teenage son heard me play piano at a private reunion, and he got my phone number from a friend. The reason why none of the teachers could play the accompaniment is because, although they knew how to play piano chords, they didn’t know how to use them in an accompaniment.
I realize that you probably are not at this stage yet, but I just wanted to give you an example of the many possibilities available to you once you become proficient with your chords. If you were blessed with a special ear for music, then it will be easier for you to learn chords and you’ll appreciate even more the importance and advantage of having this chord knowledge to improve your piano playing.
For now, just focus on mastering the chords on this free piano chord chart and you’ll be able to play hundreds of songs. After you sign up for my free 12-part "Play Piano By Ear" Practice Guide, be sure to click the link below to watch an amazing performance by a 9-year-old and to see how he learned this amazing piano method in just 17 months!

By submitting this form, you are granting: Easy Chord Piano Lessons, Haddonfield Road, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, 08002, United States, permission to email you. Before you know it, those simple blues improvisations will be turning heads in the room! Generate Autopilot Cash 365 Days a Year! After you memorize many chords you’ll be able to cover other music areas such as: playing from a fake book, writing songs, piano accompaniment, improvisation, arranging, etc. If you take a look at a classical piano piece, you’ll notice there are no chord symbols above the notes. She wanted to know if I could play piano accompaniment for her son for his upcoming recital. After I met with the mother she showed me the sheet music of the two popular songs planned for the recital. In other words, they couldn’t do an arrangement based on chords (more about this on future lessons). These free piano chords are basic chords, and later on I’ll include a more complete chart in case you want to learn play chords on piano for more advanced players. One of the fastest ways to learn piano is learning a good number of chords and knowing how to read the melody notes.
Seriously, this scale has a certain "personality" all its own and, once you learn it and start feeling comfortable with it, you'll be bluesin' past your bedtime. The Blues Scale is so widely used in different genres, from the Blues itself to Rock to Jazz to Gospel.

Play the C and then the Eb (using thumb followed by index finger). Now, let's play that again with some attitude! Of course classical composers used chords and harmonies as the basis of their music, but it wasn’t customary then to write chord symbols. However, these free piano chords will get you started, and when you know how to play piano chords, a whole new world opens before you!
She sounded desperate “I’ve asked 3 teachers if they could accompany my son on the saxophone, but they said they can’t do it”. They were what we call lead sheets, in other words, sheet music with only the melody and the chord symbols above the melody notes, no left hand notes.
It's quite a different thing when you get yourself into the act and start playing those blues lines yourself. C Eb Eb C Got the idea? Super! Wow, you've not only learned the blues scale, but you've also started playing part of it in a very interesting way, and your playing what's coming out of your mouth!

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