Whether you’re using an Apple TV to stream iTunes, or catching up on your current Netflix obsession by connecting your laptop to your TV, there’s one thing you’ll need when browsing the Internet and apps on your TV: an easy way to navigate. Did you know Logitech offers a number of keyboards that can help make navigating your Internet-connected TV easier than ever? To make sure that this community remains a safe and encouraging place for everyone, we ask that you adhere to the Logitech Code of Conduct while participating. The Digital Innovations Wireless Keyboard + EasyGlide™ Mouse gives you the freedom and convenience of wireless technology. All DI products are available for sale on our website, as well as through leading etailers and retailers nationwide. For starters, there’s the Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400.This stylish keyboard is designed with convenience in mind.

As availability may vary from product to product, please contact us directly for specific information. With a wireless range of up to 33 feet and a multi-touch touchpad built right into the keyboard, you have all you need right at your fingertips. Please understand that we reserve the right to edit or delete comments for any reason we deem appropriate.
This is a moderated blog and comments and postings will be reviewed for relevance and topicality. The keys are backlit and laid out in the traditional Mac-specific way, so you can easily find your commands even in the dark. We will review the queue several times daily, so please don’t resubmit if your comment doesn’t appear immediately.

It can be connected to any three Bluetooth devices at once and allows you to switch and type from your iPad to iPhone to Apple TV with the simple push of a button. Couple that with a real aluminum, low-profile design, and you’ll want one of these keyboards for the living room and the office.

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