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Free android music counts for some of the most popular and highly rated Google android apps that are developed to deliver the a near perfect audio experience to android smartphone and android tablet users.
From widely famous internet radios such as the likes of Pandora and XilaLive to efficient and feature packed android media players such as PlayerPro Music Player and Clean Music Player, these android apps provide us with an incredible android experience absolutely free of cost or in some cases on a limited time trial basis.
Understanding the rising demand and deep impact of these free android music apps, here at AhaDaily, we are glad to present to our readers, 20 Free Music Android Apps For Audiophiles.
Also, do give a read to our previous coverage of Google android apps with 21 Must Have Free Android Music Apps. Whether you are an audio book listener, a dancer or a casual user looking to have some fun with your android smartphone, Audio Speed Changer is meant for you.
In this fast track world of ever evolving technologies, sometimes ‘simplicity’ often becomes the buzz word, as has been represented by a simple free music android app called, MePlayer Audio. Developed by namakerorin, Audio Fx Widget is a great free android music app that greatly enhances your android audio experience with a wide range of tweaks and effects. For those of you using a pair of JAYS one-button remote earphones with your android devices, JAYS AB has come out with an excellent android app that called, JAYS Headset Control that lets you bring the most out of your headphones. With over five million downloads, Mobile Metronome is one of the most popular free android music apps and is a must have for all musicians in possession of an android device. For amateur as well as professional bass guitar players alike, Bass Guitar (Real Guitar) is the perfect free android music for your music needs.
With more than five million downloads, PlayerPro Music Player is one of the most cherished free android music apps that brings a gorgeous UI and extremely useful features.
For all audiophiles out there, developer Mixtapes has come out with a fascinating android app called, My Mixtapez. By far, one of the most expensive yet most immersive of all music instruments has to be the piano.
One of the most popular PC music players, jetAudio is now available on Google Android in the form of an excellent free android music app called, jetAudio Basic. With more than half a million downloads, RemoteControl for Earphones is one of the best free android music apps that enable you to configure your earphones to perform various function with ease.
One of the most watched and epic viral video of 2012, Gangnam style has now made its way to Google Android with the all new Gangnam Style Karaoke, a free android music app from Marko Brljak. Bringing a fusion of simplicity and great features is Clean Music Player, a free android music app that not only sports a subtle design but is also high on features designed to give an excellent audio experience. Personalize your android smartphone with melodious guitar ringtones with this great free android app called Guitar Cool Ringtone.
A must have free android music app for all guitar players, amateurs as well as professionals alike, GuitarTapp Tabs & Chords Trial is a great android app that serves as the ideal repository of guitar tabs and chords.
Yet another folder based free android music player, FolderPlayer4Me is one of the highly rated Google android apps that brings a simple yet feature packed free android music app. With over 50 million downloads, Slacker Radio is one of the most popular Google android apps that provides users with a uniquely customizable internet radio. Making optimum use of the proximity sensor in your android device is the free android music app called, Music Proximity Beta. The last entry to our list of the free android music apps is n7player Music Player that with more than 5 million download has now become one of the most popular Google android apps. As the mobile industry continues to etch itself in our daily lives, these android apps continue to play a vital role in user entertainment by giving them access to some of the most amazing mobile music services in the markets. One of the most popular Google android apps, this free music android app let you manipulate playback volume of songs, podcasts and audiobooks alike to help slow listeners understand better and fast listeners to save time by increasing the playback speed.

With nearly half a million downloads, MePlayer Audio is one of the most noticeable Google android apps and works as a Folder based android MP3 player. One of the highly rated Google android apps, Audio Fx Widget features a five band equalizer that is equally complemented with ten different settings. One of the most popular free android music apps, this android apps download enables you customize the headphones app to deliver the best audio experience possible Users can set audio feedback, volume as well as alter the functionality settings of the headphones.
This android app enables you to fine tune your instruments ranging from 10 to 230 BPM and even comes with tap tempo feature. One of the most popular Google android apps, this android apps download enables you to practice and create bass oriented composition right on your android device. This android apps download sports a music as well as video player and lets your browse your library via albums, artists, genres, songs, playlists etc. One of the highly rated free android music apps, this android apps download lets you download your mixtape from a wide collection of mixtapes. Now android users have been provided with a great opportunity learn this magnificent instrument straight from their android smartphone with a free android music app called, Piano Lesson Tutor features professional piano lessons from the famous pianist, Alison M Sparrow, where in the app itself takes you to the official YouTube channel of the artist for video tutorials.
Hailed as one of the highly rated Google android apps, this android apps download features a 20 band graphic equalizer, 2 separate lockscreen widgets, pitch shifter as well as support for Last.fm.
With this android apps download, users can easily configure their earphones to perform media player controls such as fast forward,  rewind, next, previous and cue etc.
With over 900 million views, Gangnam Style currently tops the YouTube videos chart and can now be learnt in several languages, thanks to this android app. This android apps download takes you directly to the music directory  and lets you play songs straight from the directory itself, while showcasing a list of all the audio files present there. Every guitar enthusiast wishes to boast his love for the instrument by integrating it in his daily life and this is where this android apps download comes into play. This android apps download features a built in chord library that is fully complemented with chord diagrams and finger placements on the fretboard. This android apps download compiles list of all the tracks in a specific folder and even lets you play the tracks from the folder itself. This android apps download comes with 100 professionally programmed stations, while also enabling you to create your very own custom stations. Developed by Oriolj, this android apps download is one of the highly rated Google android apps that enable you to control the media player via proximity sensor. Hailed as the most innovative 3D mp3 and music player for android, this android apps download features support for a wide range of audio formats including mp3, mp4, m4a, ogg, wav, 3gp etc. This android apps download features Start and End markers, a Song Position marker and is also able to automatically save the settings for each of the modified tracks. There are also present up to six reverb presets, along with a dedicated bass booster and gorgeous visualizer.
This android app features multi-touch and comes with recording capability, along with realistic bass guitar sounds. Users are also given the opportunity to pick their preferred album artwork, genre illustrations etc. Users can choose between online streaming or downloading for offline use and can even stream videos on this app. This android apps download delivers piano lessons from Grade 1 to Grade 5 and is perfectly suitable for both beginners as well as professional pianists. Furthermore, users can also take advantage of crossfading and gapless playback, along with a sleep timer that extends till 24 hours. This android apps download features videos and lyrics in English, Korean as well as Spanish and even comes with some 50 HD wallpapers.

Users can even apply meta-sorting for tracks that do not carry any chronological numbers and this android app seamlessly integrates with equalizers in Cyanogenmod Stable and Android ICS versions. Guitar Cool Ringtone features up to 18 beautifully composed guitar ringtones that have been selected from a wide range of popular guitar melodies. Furthermore, user can also take advantage of transposing feature, where in you can manipulate the key of songs for enhanced chord orientation. Furthermore, FolderPlayer4Me also supports sleep timer, save music folder and repeat function, while also sporting a dedicated homescreen widget and notifications display. When used with a Slacker Premium Radio subscription, you can listen to your favorite artist, album or song on-demand and can even save your favorite stations on your android devices for offline listening.
This android app is perfectly suitable in situations where your hands aren’t available to control the media player on your device. Users can select one song from the folder for playback, which in turn enqueues all the audio files in that specific folder. This android app has been designed to seamlessly integrate itself with the default android audio effects engine.
Mobile Metronome boasts of a visual beat counter that carries Italian tempo markings and the app itself is set for auto-off in the event of an incoming call.
There are also present five different types of bass guitars including acoustic bass guitar and electric bass guitar.
PlayerPro Music Player features a 5 band equalizer that comes with some 15 customizable presets including Stereo Widening, Gapless playback and crossfade which can also be set to automatic or controlled manually. Furthermore, you can even share your mixtape with your friends on Facebook & Twitter by updating your status to the name of the mixtape. Hailed as one of the highly rated Google android apps, this free android music app enables you to edit your favorite tracks and then set parts of those songs as your ringtones. Users can spend hours at a time singing along with this extremely entertaining song and have great fun. Furthermore, you can even download a plethora of guitar ringtones from the app’s 80,000 and counting library. Compatible with both smartphones as well as tablets, GuitarTapp Tabs & Chords Trial also comes with PowerTab support. Furthermore, when you listen to Slacker Radio, you are also presented with a plethora of information about the artists, including biographies, lyrics and album reviews. Whether you are driving or cooking, you can always assume full control on the android player via this app. There is also present a tag editor, a five band graphic equalizer and a dedicated lockscreen widget.
Furthermore, you even share your music trend with your family and friends, thanks to the deep social network integration via Facebook, Twitter etc. Users can use this android app to change phone ringtone settings as well as notification sound settings and even have the entire volume control located at a single place.
Furthermore, Music Proximity Beta even works with the device’s screen turned off and can be really helpful when you have another app open and you do not wish to minimize to go to the music player. Users can also take advantage of Last.fm scrobbling as well as in-built in lyrics support, powered by musicXmatch plugin.

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