July 27, 2014 by James McAllister Leave a Comment One of the great things about digital pianos is that they vary in price so greatly. If you’re looking to step it up a notch, you may consider the Casio AP-250, which runs at just under $1000.
However, if you can squeeze out any more money, the PX-850 is a way better deal for only $100 more (assuming you don’t need all the extra voices).
We thought it would be useful to highlight three great models from Kawai’s digital piano range that are priced under a thousand pounds. The Kawai CL26 has been designed for people with limited space but loads of desire to play.
The next step up in the CL range is the Kawai CL36, which features three pedals just like on a grand piano. The Kawai KDP90 can be seen as the final step up this trio of fantastic digital pianos under a grand.
All of these pianos can be ordered from the Digital Piano Shop with free UK mainland delivery.
The Williams Overture is perfect for anyone looking to get a solid digital piano for a relatively cheap price.
While a huge improvement in terms of sound over the Williams Overture, it still has some pretty serious drawbacks worth considering. Despite being the cheapest piano mentioned so far, the Yamaha P105 takes our number three spot for the best digital pianos under $1000. The AP-250 uses acoustic and intelligent resonator (AiR) technology to accurately portray the sound of a real acoustic piano, and Casio did a great job at perfecting it.
If you have any questions about any of these pianos, feel free to post a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Buying a digital piano needn’t be a costly affair, and Kawai have responded to the need for a digital piano that has great tone and touch, at an affordable price. With damper, sostenuto and soft pedalling you can produce the finest of piano playing, with the effect you would expect to hear on a grand piano. From appearances alone you are getting a more stylised instrument, finished in premium Rosewood with a sliding keyboard cover that keeps your keys dust clean.

For those with more money, certain digital pianos can fetch thousands of dollars and come packed with thousands of features. The Overture has significant improvements over Williams cheaper model, the Williams Allegro (see our review!). First of all, it’s important to know that the DGX-650 is designed for music producers and performers in bands with other instruments. The PX-780 uses the same AiR technology that the AP-250 uses, and they sound quite similar.
Utilizing Kawai’s acclaimed Harmonic Imaging sound technology, the Kawai CL26 captures the rich dynamics and tone of the EX Concert grand.
Just like the Kawai CL26, the CL36 features a piano tone that has been sampled from the Kawai EX Concert Grand, though this time with the improved Progressive Harmonic Imaging technology. Sliding back the key cover reveals 88 keys utilising Kawai’s Advanced Hammer Action IV-F.
In this article, we are going to cover the price bracket of under $1000, as this is the standard budget most people aim for when choosing a solid digital piano.
The Overture looks incredibly professional and sounds just as good, which will make it a good addition to any home. The machine packs a ton of different voices and features, which makes it a welcome addition to any band.
Casio is well known for making high quality digital pianos, and you will certainly not be let down with this one.
However, the Casio PX-780 Privia is ranked at number one because it has so many more features than the AP-250 does. Both models have a stripped down design, focussing on a great piano tone recorded from the EX concert grand. The concert grand has been sampled meticulously to ensure that every one of the 88 weighted keys gives you a broad range of volume and power. Combined with the three pedals players have a more nuanced and enhanced piano playing experience.
This action features the distinctive touch of a grand piano, with a consistent upward and downwards motion, plus keys that are weighted heavier on the bass strings and lighter on the treble strings.

The AP-250 is recommended for anyone, whether you’re a beginner or a professional looking for an instrument to stick by you throughout the years.
Looking at the PX-780, you’ll notice right away that this machine has a bunch of buttons along with a nice LCD screen used to manage all of them. You then have the Kawai KDP90 which has enhanced features and a highly stylised casing, with a beautiful piano tone and touch.
This is not simple a key recorded once and then played back at different volumes, every key on the EX concert grand has been played at a variety of velocities.
The 88 keys are also covered with Kawai’s Ivory Touch key surfaces, which absorb moisture while playing. This attention to detail provides greater control and stability during heavy to pianissimo passages of your music. However, I can’t recommend it simply because the next digital piano is so much better. You may not know, however, that the PX780 has over 250 different voices and tones, which range from everything from multiple pianos, to harpsichord, to brass, to steel drums. This really provides a greater sense of control while playing and provides another level to the piano playing experience, all from this great digital piano, the CL36.
Combined as usual with Harmonic Imaging technology sampled from the immense EX concert grand, the KDP90 provides a satisfying and accurate piano playing experience. For $789.99, the Yamaha DXG-650 is great for music producers, but for those wanting to just play piano, you should consider alternatives. I highly recommend checking out the Yamaha P105 review on this site if you want more information on this digital piano.
This opens up an infinite amount of possibilities musically, especially since the PX780 makes recording your music so easy.
Included are headphone sockets for that late night practice, a metronome and some other instrument sounds to get stuck into.

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