Then there's the lowest priced model on our list above, the Yamaha P35 which sells for as little as $499.99. Furthermore it has only 32 notes of polyphony (the number of notes that play simultaneously before they start cutting off). The CP33 and 300, while they are still available for purchase, have been discontinued by Yamaha. Check out How To Read Music Fast: A 4-Step Beginner's Guide To Reading Music Quickly And Easily. If one has the money, one may say "I'll just get the most expensive one", which in this case is the YDP-V240.

The best Yamaha digital pianos, like the P105 and P155 have as much as 128 notes of polyphony.
They have introduced the CP1, CP5 and CP50.All the best in finding a Yamaha digital piano that meets your needs. Also it's very light, making it great for gigging.If you're absolutely sure of what you're looking for, you will be able to make a good decision on what to buy. After weighing and comparing features we finally chose the P105, particularly because of the 400 dollar savings.
The interesting thing is that (like the YDP142), the more expensive V240 has the "not as good" GHS keyboard.

It has the same GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) keyboard that more expensive pianos like the p95, P105 and YDP142 come with.
For more voices, more polyphony, speakers, ability to record, more pedals and equalizer sliders, the CP300 is the one.

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