Check out our blog for more extensive information on the benefits of practicing with headphones! If I should move and have to part with the Steinway – then nothing but the LX15 will do, irrespective of price, although with size very much in mind as the next move is to a flat.
We think that the look and sound of the LX15 is worth paying the extra for as we particularly like how it resembles an acoustic piano and the top lift-up lid so that the sound projects forward towards the pianist.
Whilst an expensive outlay, we view it no different to a car, but with a (hopefully) longer life! The LX-15’s newly developed Acoustic Projection sound system creates a multi-dimensional sound field with accurate piano-resonance characteristics.
The LX-15 incorporates Roland’s SuperNATURAL Piano technology for seamless velocity response, natural note decay, and authentic key-range behaviour to reproduce perfect piano sound and expression. The LX-15 polished-ebony finish gorgeous design cabinet features a contoured design for a strong, bold look with classical elegance. Roland’s high-end PHA III keyboard accurately responds to the players touch, from the most subtle and delicate to the most dynamic technique.

The LX-15’s Progressive Damper Action pedal accurately reproduces the pedal response of an acoustic piano.
Newly developed Soundboard Behaviour technology emulates the natural characteristics of string vibrations on the soundboard, and is not found on conventional sampling pianos. In addition to modern grand-piano sounds, a newly added Early Piano category contains four fortepiano variations and two harpsichord variations. The graceful design fits well into any home environment, from classic to contemporary interiors. When you first start to press the damper pedal, it offers lighter resistance, but as you continue to press, the resistance increases, just as on an acoustic piano. Recorded audio data can be saved onto USB Memory, and copied to an external computer for making audio CDs or for uploading to the Internet. The technology is based on the V-Piano’s soundboard modelling, and can enhance sound clarity even when many notes are played simultaneously.
The mirror-finished fallboard reflects the keyboard and moving fingers, bringing a sense of visual enjoyment to your playing.

The keyboard also features Roland’s acclaimed Ivory Feel surface material, which replicates the texture of ivory and ebony. The blend of those speakers creates a unique, deep sound field that dramatically enhances the expressiveness of the SuperNATURAL Piano.
The top lid can be closed and opened smoothly to shape the piano’s overall tonal character. They can be reached by phone:0845 686 8094 (Local call rate UK), or 0033 240 382 948 (International).
Should the price exceed the sum of your Woodies you can pay the difference with the mode of payment of your choice.
Should the sum of your order be lower than the amount of your Woodies, all of your Woodies will be used up.

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