After trying many digital pianos from Yamahas, to Casios to Rolands, and others including Kurtzweil and more, the Rolands win out in my ears. But with the new model, when you hit the notes soft, it sounds like it should, when you play the notes hard, the base roars like a Steinway, and whichever way you play it, you almost feel that you are playing a live grand piano.
The response is that I could simply enjoy the beauty of the sound that is coming out of the instrument.
The way I could tell is that when you hold the pedal down and play randomly some high notes to test the realism of the overtones.
There is the newly developed PHA III Ivory Feel-S Keyboard with Escapement in the Roland FP7F.
When I say expressive, I mean the timbre changes and naturally varies as in character as it does on a very good and expensive grand when you play soft or loud, like a real acoustic grand should, not underdone or overdone (can be in some Casios).
Again, this is rare, as most digital pianos you just want to get away from the tones as they sound not real.
The features include the so called Super-natural Piano Sound which is Roland’s technology for producing its piano sounds with more realism than by sampling alone. I found the default excellent and felt no need to tamper, but if your living room or where you play is different, or if you like more or less resonance, then you can adjust this exactly. In terms of other sounds there are 351 tones including 8 drum sets, to play with or to record multiple tracks if you wish. The standard pedal DP-10 is the sustain pedal that comes with the piano, and there is a 3 pedal RPU-3 if you want as an optional extra. Though it is more expensive than the FP 4F, the quality of sound makes it definitely value for money. When this happens as you play the FP7F, you want to play more and you focus on the expression and the playing. So if you want a digital piano that sounds real, and where your experience is so much better, then go for the Roland FP 7F.
This entry was posted in digital piano, Keyboards, Roland and tagged roland digital piano, roland fp-7f review, Roland FP7, roland fp7f, roland keyboard on June 4, 2011 by admin. I use an amp for recording purposes but not for gig purposes, so I wonder if anyone else has a good suggestion here?
However, I trust less the opinion of anyone who has a problem with the sound of the Roland V-Piano (probably because they lack the ability to tweak the controls like nothing that can be done with a real acoustic piano), as it sounds fantastic, even for the most discriminating classically-trained ear. I guess someone messed with the settings and the reviewer didn’t realize this, or else plain ignorance as to the true range of capabilities of the V-Piano.
I don’t know about you, but I cannot remember the last time I could instantly adjust the thickness of felt on my piano keys, or change the strings to silver, copper, double or triple strings, or provide the warmth and resonance of a 9-foot (or larger) grand piano.
Essentially, the PHA-III keys with escapement provides the very real feel of ivory keys, even down to absorbing finger-tip sweat, just like ivory keys (unlike any other cheaper imitation plastic keys). The most important element left out of the description of the Roland SuperNatural Piano sound engine is that it is not sampled. If you want the best sounding piano and control over all of the nuances, hands down, get the Roland V-Piano.
I tried it at a shop with headphones, and based on what you said, I will have to try again, and see if I can test the mid range again. I do remember the bass is very good, and even addictive in a way as it has a great, strong sound and such fast reaction with a good mechanism of keys.
I know, those guys at session music do so many video reviews, and not in English – I just skip to the playing parts! I purchased a 7f last week from JR music world in NYC, but took it back and purchased the 4f instead.
This has been a great product for us as we can also play music brought the pa system too through the p7.
I have been recording with the FP7 F and have an advantage listening to playback through a great studio monitor system. My problem was that I’d rather record my favorite acoustics with my project, but they are at a local arts school and very inconvenient to get to, let alone, set up the recording gear each time. Also see comparisons, customer reviews, questions and answers about any Roland digital piano.

We have been selected as the Southwest Florida representatives for Celviano, Privia, Casio, and Dynatone digital pianos, in addition to the beautiful Kurzweil digital pianos, and we have by far the best selection in our area if you’re looking for a value-priced digital piano for sale.
Casio’s new cooperative effort with Bechstein Piano of Berlin, the new Celviano¬†GP300 Grand Piano Hybrid. Casio CGP700 is a simulated grand piano with 6-speaker system, with 40 watts of power, many tones and styles, and a touch-screen–for an unbelievable price.
New slimline model from Dynatone, with great 50watt per channel speakers, and a ribbed wooden soundboard. Most of our Digital Pianos are new, but there are a few used ones we thought were new enough or good enough to offer you a good value. Nice used Digital Mini-grand by Samick, lovely red mahogany, many features, very good condition.
Here’s a shiny black Digital Piano that does everything, for less than half the cost of a comparable new one. Yes, we have inexpensive digital keyboards too, that have real piano sound and keys for a low price. No wonder people are traveling from Bradenton, Estero, and Naples to check out a great digital piano for sale, with a full selection! We are always asked for advice about which digital piano would be best for different situations and whether digital pianos are as good as real pianos ( !
Kawai CL36 - The next one up in the range has a more substantial speaker system and Kawais latest responsive hammer action with ivory feel keyboard. Yamaha CLP535 - Includes the Yamaha concert grand sample from the CFX and the mighty Bosendorfer Imperial grand, 256 note polyphony, graded hammer 3X action.
Kawai CN 25 - A new level of performance and value make this instrument one that should be at the top of your audition list.
Kawai CN 35 -The next model up from the 25 which includes a more domestically pleasing casework, 330 individual sounds, USB connection and recording facility together with responsive Hammer III action, ivory feel keys and let off simulation.
Yamaha CLP 545 - This handsome beast boasts the Yamaha CFX concert grand and Bosendorfer Imperial samples, 256 note polyphony, natural wood X keyboard, rhythms and an acoustic optimiser.
Kawai ES100 - A sweet little portable piano from Kawai giving an introduction to Kawai's quality samples and rugged well respected key action.
Yamaha CLP575 - A lot of tech on this one, Yamaha CFX and Bosendorfer Imperial samples, Natural wood NWX keys with synthetic keytops and let off simulation, 88 key linear graded action, 16 track recording and USB audio recording, 34 voices with built in rhythms. Kawai CS-4 - Luxurious appearance, stunning sound, impeccable touch: The new range of Classic Series luxury digital pianos from Kawai. Kawai CA-15 - This is the first digital piano in the Kawai range to use the all wooden RM3 Grand II action with ivory feel key surfaces. Yamaha CLP585 - Yamaha have thrown the kitchen sink at this piano which they modestly describe as 'quite simply the best CLP Clavinova ever'. Kawai CA-67 - This piano uses the advanced Grand Feel II wooden key action which has a full length wooden key and has real player involvement that is rare in digital pianos. Kawai CA97 - Three world class instruments in one irresistable package, Shigeru EX, Kawai EX and the Shigeru SK-5. Kawai CS10 - The top of the range digital piano from Kawai featuring their celebrated all wooden keyboard, EX concert grand sample, soundboard enhancement system and a magnificent high gloss casework. I will also compare this with the V piano by Roland in a moment, and see why the V piano is in my opinion no match for the FP 7F. The sound from the Fp 7F is more real than almost every other digital instrument I have played so far in this price range. I have played the Roland FP7 (old model) and it was like, OK, the sound is coming out of speakers.
This is when the instrument inspires you to play, because you feel as if you are playing an acoustic grand. When I did this it’s like pure pleasure again, at the gorgeous overtones, like the ones you get with a good acoustic grand piano. You can adjust the Hammer Noise (-2 to 2), Damper Noise (Off, 1 to 10), Duplex Scale (Off, 1 to 10), Damper Resonance (Off, 1 to 10), String Resonance (Off, 1 to 10), Key Off Resonance (Off, 1 to 10) to tweak the sound to exactly the way you like. I would get the stand KSC-44 keyboard stand, unless you are doing gigs and will then want the KS-18Z stand for performing on stage.

If you want a digital piano that sounds like a real acoustic grand with the beauty of the tone and realism in sound that you can really hear and experience, then this is for you. The FP 7F as I said, makes it feel as if you are playing an expensive grand piano, whereas the sound from the V piano sounds like a cheap piano and has way less realism to a classically trained ear, and cost more than twice the price.
The experience of playing this instrument is pleasurable and feels real, and this is something that is rare to find in digital pianos. The sound being real and present, as if you are playing an acoustic grand, makes even random notes and improvisation sound so good and feels so enjoyable.
Bottom line is, if you love the piano and the sheer sound of a piano, and have critical ears like I do, then the FP 7F is definitely for you.
Includes the Yamaha concert grand sample from the CFIIIS , 256 note polyphony, graded hammer III action. New ivory feel keys (with counterweights!) and a new piano sample with a completely new action make this piano a class leader in its price bracket.
Popular with students and even gigging proffessionals its 15 kilo weight makes it very portable whilst still boasting a range of quality sounds and facilities. The Yamaha CFX concert grand sample and the Bosendorfer Imperial, 34 voices, 16 track recording, graded hammer 3X keyboard with synthetic keytops and let off simulation, 303 lesson songs.A digital grand piano to grace your living room! It hasnt got loads of voices (only 8) but if you want a home digital piano that feels like an acoustic and dont need all the bells and whistles, then this piano should be on your shortlist. This is very common with so many digital pianos and is a weakness that holds the pleasure of playing back. The speakers in the FP 7F sound better and gives you the impression that you are with a live instrument.
Many digital pianos are let down by touch that is not real and this makes the playing experience low.
When you play random notes in the higher register with the pedal down, there is pleasure that you again could do this just to enjoy the tones from the piano.
Secondly, I had two Roland keyboard in the past that had keyboard issues as the keys were stuck. Mid range and even specific control of key ranges, or each and every element of individual keys are possible with the V-Piano. You won’t be disappointed with anything but the output choices (I wish it had balanced stereo or better digital outputs).
It has the best piano sound around plus 256 others, four different assignable midi zones, masses of connections and a great touch.. With too many functions impossible to list in such a small space, it's a superb digital piano.
But the Ivory feel keys and the escapement, where there is that slightly more resistance in the middle of the keystroke when you play the note softly, makes it feel even more like an acoustic piano. If you want fuller mid range, this can be entirely customized with the V-Piano, or bass, or whatever, where this is not possible with the FP-7F. Sampling merely records the timbre and characteristics of typically seven different key strike velocities. I enjoy keeping up with the latest equipment at stores and friends who also have a collection of audio gear so we can compare and review a heap of audio equipment. We have been appointed a Kawai Digital Piano Selection Centre, stocking a broad range of Kawai models.
When one tries to introduce subtle qualities utilized in classical piano playing, sampling falls apart.
Please feel free to phone and have a chat about the ever changing technology and ask for advice on which models would suit your requirements or pop in for a play or demonstration.

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