Portland Piano Company’s 2016 calendar is brimming with music education events, concerts, recitals, competitions, master classes and much more in the greater Portland area.
They found the perfect used piano for my family and treated me like I was buying their top of the line Grand. When I began to study piano after my retirement in 2006, I was a complete novice to the world of pianos. I’m also impressed by Portland Piano Company’s dedication to and support of music education in the Portland community. Our Studiostore selection of quality digital pianos and keyboards reflects the importance we place on value-oriented, high quality instruments. Come by a Guitarfish Studiostore in Tigard, Hillsboro, or Clackamas to check out our selection of keyboards and digital pianos and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff to learn more or schedule piano lessons with one of our professional instructors. Guitarfish music studios utilize a variety of Yamaha and Roland music technology to make learning and creating music fun and to build advanced music skills.

This is the perfect upright for the individual looking to increase their playing ability and knowledge of piano. Please watch our website for upcoming event information and to keep up on the latest piano news. Much better value than I found on Craigslist…PP stands behind their merchandise, they tune it, arrange delivery, the works!
Mitch Paola and Brenda Kell at Portland Piano Company have provided me solid advice and guidance from my initial rental of a small upright piano to my purchase of an incredible Fazioli grand piano. They consistently provide support for piano students and teachers, established concert pianists, non-profit organizations such as Portland Piano International, the Oregon Symphony and Friends of Chamber Music.
The more modern adaptation of the piano is the keyboard that has been prominent in many forms of modern music.
Offerings from Yamaha and Roland range anywhere from performance oriented synthesizers to more traditional, sit-down digital pianos for any level of player.

On sale for a fantastic price, this Young Chang studio piano won’t be in our showroom for long.
Without exception, my experiences with Portland Piano Company have been an absolute pleasure. Digital pianos have several advantages including consistent touch and action, a wide variety of keyboard and orchestral tones, compatibility with computers and digital technology, and they never need to be maintained or tuned.
Here at Guitarfish Music we focus on performance oriented piano and keyboard lessons designed to have a student playing their favorite songs quickly while having fun. They provide the highest level of professional advice on choosing a piano and provide outstanding service following the purchase.

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