Jacobs Music sells only the finest instruments made by the world's most prestigious manufacturers, and we have been a most respected source of keyboard instruments since 1900. Steinway & Sons has selected Jacobs Music as its only dealer representative for Southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey for sales, technical service and concert and artist service.
Jacobs Music has one of the largest piano service departments in the country, and the area's only technical staff that has been trained at the Steinway factory.
At Jacobs, our qualifications to serve you in the most interested and professional manner are clearly demonstrated by our fine list of distinguished clients and by the fact that the world's most respected, renowned manufacturers have chosen us as their representative.

This is what allows us to offer the Jacobs Music Assurance of Value - a document that guarantees, whatever instrument you purchase, you won't find a better price from another authorized dealer within 100 miles of any of our stores, within 30 days of the completion of your purchase. With several convenient locations to serve you, we are one of the largest piano retailers in the country. In addition, we represent a vast selection of new and used instruments from the world's finest makers, including Yamaha, Disklavier, Clavinova, and Samick. This training and the expertise of our technicians assures you of the knowledge and skill required to service your piano, whether for home or institutional use.

As one of the largest keyboard instrument retailers in North America, we make volume purchases other dealers can't. Purchase any acoustic piano today, and up to 100% of the purchase price can be applied when you upgrade your piano to a new piano within the next ten years.

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