A new entry-level workstation keyboard and more powerful replacement for the X50, the KROSS 61 features a sound engine derived from Krome, a 16-track sequencer with Electribe-style editing, two-channel audio recording with unlimited overdub, seven simultaneous effects, and AA battery or AC adapter operation.With the KROSS, the sounds and songs that you've created at home and the system that you use every day can go with you onto the stage or into the street!
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We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right. Featuring rich sounds that exceed its class, yet remaining highly portable, the KROSS is designed for practical usability. Holiday AccommodationDigitalE3 Conference 2016"The Electronic Entertainment Expo is an exciting event and this year is no different. There's a convenient mic input and a built-in audio recorder, and it can run on 6 x AA batteries. It's a distinctive new standard in music workstations, with specs and style that set it apart from all others.The creative color and design will project a powerful presence whether you're performing on stage or anywhere else.

The top panel as seen by the player is a sleek black color, while the rear and side panels visible by the audience use a bold, red color scheme. If any images that appear on the website are in Violation of Copyright Law or if you own copyrights over any of them and do not agree with it being shown here, please also contact us and We will remove the offending information as soon as possible.. Both models are highly portable and lightweight, and can operate on an AC adapter or on six AA alkaline or nickel-metal hydride batteries.A wide variety of soundsBecause of its portability, the KROSS will be used in a wide range of situations, and that's why it provides a broad variety of sounds that surpasses even the flagship models of the previous generation. The PCM data is approximately twice as large as preceding models such as the X50 and the PS60.
There are also instruments such as toy piano, accordion, combo organ, church organ, and even vintage instruments such as a tape sampler, as well as bell-type sounds and the sounds you need for cutting-edge dance music and electronica - unique sounds that have not been included in a synth of this class. Our design goal has been to make KROSS the only instrument you need.Sound Selector makes it easy to find the sound you're looking forWhile the KROSS provides an extremely broad range of sounds, there are two dedicated dials that let you easily find the sound you need. First use the category dial to choose the broad category such as piano, electric piano, organ, bell, synths, basses, or strings.

It's a quick way to focus on selecting the needed sounds without being distracted by sounds of another type.Favorites function lets you register 64 selected sounds or audio songs for one-touch accessSounds that you've created or that you use frequently can be registered to four banks of 16 buttons, giving you a total of 64 sounds that can be recalled at a single touch. It allows you to use a total of seven effects simultaneously: five insert effects and two master effects. Start by selecting the first program you want to use; then press the dedicated button to enable Layer or Split.
When this is on, a screen will appear in which you can choose the other sound and specify details such as the split point. You can play backing tracks that you created, or overdub onto them to create songs and demos.

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