For iPad owner with piano talent, here comes Alesis Cadenza, a new 88-key hammer-action digital piano. Alesis Cadenza digital piano also works as a recording instrument, you will be able to record the music you played on the digital piano into your iPad.
The keys are specially designed to imitate a regular acoustic piano, where lower keys feeling heavier and the higher keys lighter.
And there is also USB MIDI jack, built-in stereo speakers with output jacks for external speakers and headphone jack for silent practice sessions.

Unlike regular piano, Alesis Cadenza comes with a USB ports that let you plug the piano directly into a computer.
Comes with various tones including Electric, Strings, Organ, Upright, Grand and more, users could also split the keyboard for playing two different sounds at once, you could even have the option to layer multiple sounds for your own combinations.
Has 24 demonstration songs, 100 kinds of rhythm, 128 kinds of tones and volume adjustable.Built in speaker, also with speaker jack for connecting with external speaker. Record function, record what you play.Power-saving function, automatically enter in sleep mode if there is no operation in 3 mins.

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