Portico Places cardholders can receive a 50% discount on their first piano lesson at the SE22 Piano School when showing their Portico Places card. Thank you for your kind invitation, unfortunately will not be able to attend as we have a prior engagement. Maybe Finchley is bit far from St Albans for guitar lessons but we will call into your new premises and wish you every success. Interested in how the free piano lessons work, isi it just a turn up thing or can we book a slot towards the end of the day?
I would dearly love to attend the opening of your new store but unfortunately I am otherwise engaged on that day. I am very much a beginner as far as piano playing is concerned and quite possibly too old to begin doing so – but it is a lifelong ambition and as I am now retired I have the time to devote to it. The Yamaha dealer in Istanbul offered some really favourable rates for CLP535 and I have made a downpayment.
Thank you for all the advice you ve provided but the distance is far too big for us to have a transaction. I will try and get there as early as possible so I think realistically this will be around 6:30pm. Will you have a Roland RG3F that I could take a look at?  I currently own an RG1F but am considering an upgrade. Although I will not be able to attend, I wish best to UK Pianos for the success of this new shop. Thanks you for the invitation but unfortunately I am abroad at present and will not be back in UK until April.
Hi Graham: I do appreciate the invitation, but I do have other commitments, I say to you, keep in touch, business is not doing so good in the states with piano sales.
I appreciate the invite but unfortunately it's quite the travel and I wont be able to make it. Hi Graham, it sounds great but I don't actually live anywhere near there so sorry to say i will have to turn down your kind offer but have a great day,thanks j. All the best in your new shop.  Always glad to hear when music business are able to expand!
However I live too far away to make the journey at such short notice, as I would have to stay overnight in London on Friday night and am now committed at home on Saturday and wouldn't be able to get back in time. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend but I wish the venture well and hope it encourages lots of people to continue buying pianos of all kinds, including the excellent Roland F20. We won't be able to make it, but wish you all the best with the opening of the new shop! If I lived in Mill Hill, which I did for 47 years, I would have been there, but now in Dorset I just have to wish you Good Luck on the opening. Thanks so much for the invitation ( and the indeed extremely helpful digital piano guide which apparently proved that I’m going to make the right choice with the CLP 575).
I used to live in North Finchley, but am now in Leamington, so will unfortunately be unable to attend your opening day.
Unfortunately, it would be a little difficult from me to get there since I am living in Romania and also have a certain daily program to fulfill! Thanks for your kind invitation to attend the opening of your new store and school in Finchley this coming Friday.

Thanks for the invite but I live in Perth, Western Australia, so will not be able to attend.
I would have liked to come, sadly I am in Spain at this time, very sorry I can't make it. Residing in South Africa would make it pretty much difficult for me to just pop in for a visit. I wish I knew earlier, it is a trip from the South coast that takes almost 2h30m one way, not to mention I work from home and I mean work quite intensely. I feel it like my sister company, no no sure you made me love music with the online piano lessons you gave me, I am quite good enough now. I live in the Caribbean and would not be able to attend; it would take over 8 hours flying time to travel to the UK.
Unfortunatelly I will not be there for practical reasons, but I wish you the best of the best luck and success with your new enterprise, with the blessings from the Lord.
Unfortunately, the distance from the Isle of Man causes that I am not able to take part…. You may remember I was actually buying the piano for a disabled friend who had just moved into supported in Aberdeen. Congratulations on your new shop opening, I hope it goes well but can’t be there as live in Devon but am very fond of Finchley since I used to live in North Finchley. Hope it all goes well for you, I may one day buy a new digital keyboard when I finally make some money! We live in Northern Ireland, so as much as I would love to attend, it wouldn’t be practical. Thanks for the invitation, but aside form the fact that I am at work on Friday, I also live in West Cornwall, so the hope of being with  you is remote !
I wished that were possible, but I live in the United States, on the Massachusetts North Shore, where we have gotten an 87 inch snow accumulation, the most we have ever gotten in history, and it resembles "The Ice Age", the science fiction film!! Congratulations on the new Piano shop I hope it is a great success for you, unfortunately I will not be able to make it as I live in Chingford E4 but I do hope the evening goes well. Unfortunately I am unable to attend this lovely event and I wanted to Thank you for this invitation. I am living in Italy and occasionally come to visit my daughter who is studying at a boarding school in Oxford. Thank you for your kind invitation but as I live in Somerset, it is rather too far to travel. It sounds really lovely and I truly wish I could come but it is my daughter's birthday this Friday and she is coming from Nottingham to celebrate it with us , so I can only hope that there will be another opportunity for visiting your new shop.
I am afraid we won't be able to make it on Saturday , but all the best for the opening. I’m getting on really well with the HP504 and making good progress with the Piano Marvel online course, so thanks again for your advice. I am getting confused with all the information which I have to bare in mind, before I buy, so I think a trial sounds like a great idea.
Regretfully, I am based in Cornwall & would be impossible at this time to travel to London. Thanks very much – the piano and I are now happily living in Switzerland so we won’t be able to come, but wish you all the best!

Thanks for the invitation,  however I live in Northern Ireland so unfortunately I will not be able to attend the opening but wish you all the best in this venture. My apologies for your event, but I have retired to the South Coast and Finchley is a bit too far for me. Portico estate agents support independent businesses by offering exclusive discounts from local shops.
I have a Yamaha YDP 131 which I bought from a local music store last year but will definitely upgrade if I make the progress I am aiming at. If not my business, you have won my (and many other piano enhusiast’s) appreciation and heart. However you will be delighted to hear that Olga is having regular lessons locally and has been delighted with the piano you sold her.
I am sorry to say that I will not be in UK on Friday but I wish your opening every success. However I've just been made redundant so it will have to wait until I get my settlement. I'd love to come and meet you and your colleagues, but unfortunately I live about 200 miles away, so a bit impractical. I am a bit far away up here in Stirling, but when you expand your business up North, please ask me to that opening and I will be delighted to come. The service we got from your company was great and my friend continues to get a lot of pleasure from his piano. Thank you for your invitation and will do my best to come if nothing more than just to meet you and say Hello. If there is anything in this area in the future, please let me know, as I live a little over an hour north of Boston.
I am unable to be there but I hope the business is a great success & you have a wonderful evening. I will just have come out of hospital, so doubt that I will be up to accepting your kind invitation. SE22 Piano School students can pick up a card from our Pellatt Road shop or at any of our upcoming events such as the next informal student recital in May or the Dulwich Music Festival goodie bags. Also I'm working on a project to bring English-speaking teachers to teach the children to play piano in Petrich District, Bulgaria.
It's going to be not-for-profit organisation as the main aim is to get together willing teachers to teach and talented children to learn from them. I am sorry I didn't leave any feedback but please write from my name that you are great piano people with great customer service! There are able children without parents living in orphanage who can create music in the future or at least become pianists. Should you have any ideas we can meet and discuss and why not to collaborate in the future.

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