To learn more about computer hardware, review the accompanying lesson titled What is Computer Hardware?
Legacy hindi fonts are those that we use normally for Hindi Typing like Devlys, Kruti Dev, Chankya, Krishna, KBC and many more. Kruti Dev is Second most common font used for Hindi Typing in many Typing Test Examination. A Unicode font (also known as UCS font and Unicode typeface) is a computer font that contains a wide range of characters, letters, digits, glyphs, symbols, ideograms, logograms, etc., which are collectively mapped into the standard Universal Character Set, derived from many different languages and scripts from around the world.

Download Standard Remington Keyboard Layout for Hindi Typing Commonly used in Typing Examinations. If you want to check that these hindi fonts are legacy or not then you have to double click on these fonts, if these font display hindi that it will be confirmed that these fonts are legacy hindi fonts.
Unlike most conventional computer fonts, which are specific to a particular language or legacy character set and contain only a small subset of the UCS characters, these fonts attempt to include many thousands of possible glyphs, so that they can be used as a single typeface across multilingual documents. You can easily check these these fonts are Unicode fonts or not by double clicking on these fonts.

If you watch English characters then after double clicking then its prove that these are Unicode fonts. You have to use a special software with Mangal font, if you want to type in hindi language.

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