Hallelujah Guitar Chords - Boston Voice and Guitar Lessons.Hallelujah Leonard Cohen Testo Accordi per Chitarra Guitar Chords.
If you can stretch with your thumb, here is an alternative open chord to the F11 barre chord.
Hi Robert, it does get easier with practice but if you click the Hallelujah option in the Tabs menu then scroll down a bit I have provided an alternative to the F11 which does not involve a barre chord.
I literally just picked up the guitar about four days ago – I searched absolutely everywhere on Youtube for EASY instructional videos that I could follow along with. Alan, you have made picking up the guitar (at 59!) so much more enjoyable and less frustrating.

I tried to play it like that at first when I realized I could not come close to baring the F11. I knew nothing about the chords or frets, I was just planning on following hands…but then I found you!
I can barely bar the first fret with all my strength let alone fretting the G on the 2nd fret.
I’m having to start on the 9th or 8th frets as that means less string length to compress. I can decently bar the last 4 to 5 strings but as soon as I go to add the low e (all 6 strings) my b and high e mute out.

My 3rd joint part of my index finger just won’t compress the 5th and 6th strings enough. A new cover challenge is here, and it's about the famous Hallelujah song, composed by Leonard Cohen and later covered by Jeff Buckley.

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