Playing any instrument by ear requires patience and the ability to match the sounds you hear with the sounds you play.
As you play piano by ear you will discover that hitting the key with different intensity makes the note soft or loud. Of course there is always the option for the more dedicated and serious student to go and buy a very basic piano music book. Listen to the song and try to play piano by ear by figuring out which key sounds like the first tone of the song.
Now we continue to play piano by ear by moving on to the next tone and try to figure if it's lower or higher then E. It gets quite challenging but as you continue to further letter but it improves your ability to play piano by ear enormously. Here is a list of many great songs you can practice in order to learn how to play piano by ear. Training your ear by playing "Perfect Your Pitch Pro", is not only fun, it will fast track you to playing your favorite songs by ear!
Many who come to me and want to learn the piano tell me they want to learn to play piano by ear. Some people say that it is not possible to learn this way if you do not have that what might be called having “an ear for music”.
I might have heard a song in church, on the radio or whatever, and then I played it after my own head – I was playing piano by ear.
If you are skilled and trained in this area you can even accompany a song that you have not heard before. Some people say that this way of playing the piano is not for everyone; it is only for those who have an “ear for music” or something like that. Practice is the best way of learning in life and that is surely the truth when it comes to playing the piano by ear!
How to Play the Piano By Ear in 3 Easy Steps - Menu ---LEARNING TO PLAYMUSIC TECHJUST FOR FUNJOYTUNES APPS Learn How to Play the Piano By Ear in 3 Easy Steps In LEARNING TO PLAYApril 21, 2016Mastering piano sheet music is a skill that can bring you hours of unparalleled satisfaction.
Keep going like that and circle every letter when you get it right until you have all letters circled.

Since that is the main technique I use when playing; my students have listened to me and want to be able to do the same.
What I mean is that it is easy for you to hear a melody and catch it and then “copy” it and playing the song on the piano (or any other instrument)  you’ve just heard. When I was a little child, I remember coming home from school, throwing my schoolbag in the kitchen corner, hugging my mom and then running into the living room to play the piano. I feel free to create my own way of playing and you can hear that it is me that is playing. You do not need notes or even written chords; you just hear the song inside of you and play! If someone is singing you can follow and find out during the song how to play and which chord to use. And during my many lessons trying to help students playing the piano, I can see that some of them very easily use this technique while other people have harder time learning. The more you practice, the better it will sound and the faster you will find the right chords and so on! But reading sheet music isn’t for everyone; some of the greatest pianists of all time didn’t even know how to read the chords! I mostly just played the chords with my left hand and the melody in the right in the beginning. I still need to know the chords, and I still need to practice, but I find this way simple and fun, and very useful.
Let’s say you want to accompany someone singing solo, and he or she wants to sing a song, but none of you has notes or any written chord. Listen to a piano concerto one day and notice the way the music rolls, loud to soft, long notes to short.
But soon I placed both the melody and chords with my right hand and accompanied with the left hand. A pianist that is bound to having notes will not be able to play this particular song while the one trained to play by ear can play without any paper!
But even if some people can play the piano this way by ease, it does not mean it can’t be learned by anyone motivated and dedicated to learning this technique of playing the piano by ear.

Sing it and take some simple basic chords on the piano and voila…soon you can sing a song and play the piano. They play the piano by ear, possibly the most exhilarating way to play music.Think learning to play the piano by ear is beyond your scope? The one thing anyone wanting to learn to play piano by ear needs to remember is to not be afraid to experiment.
If you are patient enough, you can learn to chord the right notes with your left hands and play the melody with your right hand.
Between YouTube tutorials, guided lesson plans, and piano apps online and for smartphones, the digital era has produced such a solid array of self-help material, nearly anyone can learn to play the piano by ear in a relatively short amount of time. If you’re toying with the idea, then take a look at our easy guide to playing by ear, and see for yourself. Step One: Hear the MusicTo begin training your ear, listen to one song over and over again.
Don't worry about finger placement if you are playing for yourself, and above all, have fun.
Make it a song with good melody, and listen for the nuances in the music, the highs, the lows, the stops and starts. Hum or sing out the melody once more, but this time, try to pick out the notes that you are singing on the piano. At first, it’ll be a bit of trial and error, but as you go along, you’ll find yourself recognizing the sounds that are coming out of your mouth and correlating them to the keys on the piano instinctively.
Once you know the different parts of music and how they’re built, you’ll be more adept at picking out patterns within the songs you’re hearing, noticing the intervals between notes, and recognizing the sounds that are associated with which chords (for example, serious tones are minor chords, discordant sounds are generally diminishing chords, etc.).
Don’t worry, once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you’ll be able to pick up a fresh tune within minutes of hearing it.

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