With the revolution in technology also came the invention of electronic pianos, or digital pianos. As a previous owner of a number of keyboards, including a couple of Korg M1s, I have never seen a more user friendly keyboard. We would recommend this piano for anyone, especially if you , like us, heat with a wood stove and can’t keep a regular piano in good repair. I was pricing just a similar keyboard with no frame at barely a hundred dollars less than this entire piano. I just purchased this piano a little over 6 months ago and I’m extremely satisfied with it. The only con about this keyboard which I didn’t mark against it is the cheap sustain pedal it came with. Gabriela’s Music was created by me to help you choose the best electronic keyboard or digital piano for your home!
I am a piano and keyboard teacher myself and I love helping my students choose their first digital piano! I am a piano teacher who is on a budget and had to sell my real acoustic piano about 7 years ago due to a financial crisis. They are also almost as good as the real acoustic pianos, if you get the right brand and pay attention to a few details. All digital pianos and electronic keyboards have volume control and you can use headphones if you still want to play loud. Another great thing about them is that they offer many other sounds and accompaniments that can help you “dress” a song and make it more fun and lively! Of course I still want to have a real piano one day, but will definitely still keep my digital too! Yamaha is one of the best brands out there and they will stand by their products and when you buy a Yamaha product, you are buying quality, always. This Yamaha digital piano is perfect for a beginner piano student on a budget, for example.

I almost always recommend to my teenage and adult piano students to get a nice full-size digital piano bundle! The bundle will usually include the bench and the stand, so you will be set to start practicing by yourself or with a private piano teacher. You will get the nice and comfy piano bench, pedals, beautiful furniture-style black stand and a cool instructional book and DVD!
Like I said before, electronic pianos are way cheaper than real acoustic pianos and if you are a piano beginner, than I would really suggest you get yourself a nice electric piano bundle, since they come ready for you to plug and start practicing right away!
The cool and comfy piano bench, the awesome headphones (for all that night practicing), the dust cover and even your first piano book!
The sound is amazing and you can also hook it up to an amplifier when you want to entertain your friends and family. There are hundreds of different sound combinations, rhythms and voices, plus beautiful accompaniments too! I definitely recommend this cute digital piano to anyone who is on a serious budget but looking for a high-quality full-sized piano keyboard!
The new Casio PX-850 Privia digital piano, besides being a gorgeous digital piano, that will look great anywhere in your home, will also give you a grand piano sound and feel! Korg is also an excellent digital piano brand and this beautiful black Korg full-size electronic piano also comes ready for you to start practicing! It has a beautiful, rich and dynamic piano sound and the keys respond to the touch just like a real piano. They are supperior to the old-school pianos in a few manners such as maintenance, portability, lower costs, variety and more. After deciding I wanted 88-keys, and the feel and weight of real piano keys, I researched the CP33 and then ordered one. The sound is very rich in the bass range and the voice feature is great (choir-who and choir-do).The stand is strong even though it looked flimsy in the photo. I play mostly rock, a little jazz, and lately am getting into electronica and ambient music.

The casio px 330 sounds almost the same, but of course it’s not going to beat the real thing. It comes with a square sustain pedal which is a nice bonus, but after only a week or two, the pedal stopped working.
So, after a good two months of comparing keyboards and digital pianos online, I finally chose the CASIO PX-130 for the weighted keys and sound quality. I have a guitar-playing friend who bought a Yamaha Clavinova for his family, and I remember the first time we jammed together, how it felt just like my baby grand but didn’t need to be so loud, so I could blend into a couple guitarists. They do take a little getting used to if you’re more used to playing on a synth keyboard. Unlike the Clavinova, which I understand is an ancestor of this one, the P155 is portable, though you wouldn’t want it to be too much heavier. Honestly this is my first 88 key keyboard and I didn’t have the chance to test out any of the yamaha 88 keyboards especially the p series, but what made me buy this was the weight of this item and the opinions i got from people. Each of the instruments sound good and the keyboard has many features listed in the manual such as MIDI functions and control over reverb, etc. I strongly recommend buying a better quality sustain pedal if you intend on using the sustain function.
The controls are also perfect in that everything is right at your fingertips without having to drill-down through annoying menus. At any rate, considering the price, savings in space, ability to play with headphones, etc, this piano is a really good deal. I use an X-stand and it works fine, even with another lighter controller stacked on top, though I did notice it rocking the other night when I was. The speakers have fairly good quality considering the price, and if you don’t like them you can hook it up to an amplifier.

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