Razer TRON Gaming keyboard features cool Rez and Derez lighting effects during startup and shutdown. You can attach the keypad of Razer TRON Gaming keyboard on either side of the main keyboard, in this way, you can control optimal desktop space efficiency. Although this keyboard is made from plastic, it doesn’t feel like a toy or cheap made product. There’s a single strong magnet that holds detachable keypad, it stays in place when you place your keyboard on the desk, however, it might fall off when you pick the keyboard up.
Everything about this keyboard will remind you about your favorite movie, from the color of the light to the letters on the keys. There’s a plethora of accessories on the market right now looking to target hardcore gaming enthusiasts, so much so, that rival peripherals have had to come up with ways to further distinguish themselves from the competition. Razer has attempted to do just that with the Anansi, a keyboard specifically targeting MMORPG players who can make use of the abundance of customisable macro and shortcut keys.
The Anansi has gone all-out on the macro key feature, with five macro keys along the left side, as well as seven flatter, softer keys for your thumb, sitting below the space bar.
Noticeably absent are any kind of additional ports, such as USB or audio inputs – keyboards of this nature generally cater to gamers’ various accessories by being more versatile than generic offerings. Razer’s configuration utility allows you to customise any key on the board – even the letter keys. The tool also lets you fiddle with the backlights and store different profiles for different games. The keys themselves are the basic membrane switches you’d find on a regular keyboard, as opposed to the mechanical switches you often see on higher-end keyboards. One thing I did notice was that the keys themselves seemed noticeably narrower, likely due to the extra space taken up by the macro keys along the side. The depth of the keys was quite annoying in RTS and MOBA style games as well, where you want to be quickly hitting a lot of shortcut keys. At an RRP of R999, you should be demanding more for your money, and unless you can make good use of all 12 additional keys, there are other options out there for macro fanatics. Having a keyboard especially designed for your gaming experience isn’t just a fancy whim, but a necessary and affordable one. This is a not very cheap, but not expensive either choice of a basic mechanical gaming keyboard. This is a upper-class choice for the best gaming keyboard you can get, if you’re willing to spend a little more money on it. This version from Logitech has dual blue backlighting and 6 fully programmable G keys, and it’s the best gaming keyboard you can find at around $50 (at least in this fall 2014 sale). We hope you found something you like on our list and that you’re one step closer to obtaining the best gaming keyboard for you. About Andrew ChristianChristian has been gaming ever since his parents bought his first PC. If you are a real hardcore gamer you probably know how important thing is to have best gaming mouse. It comes to life with authentic light and sound effects straight from the movie, it reacts based on your action on the Game Grid, very cool effect.
Thank you to Razer Hyperesponse technology, the flat slim keycaps of the chiclet keyboard provides a short travel distance for instant activation of commands.

The plastic is pretty thick and smooth, it feels solid and durable, but you can tell from the pictures that this keyboard is pretty wide, therefore, the keys are further apart from each other compared to your standard keyboard. We need to remind you there are some features within this unit that might not be able to work on Mac such as profile storage and key reassignment, but if you are one of die hard Tron fans, this shouldn’t stop you from getting Razer TRON Gaming keyboard (and Razer TRON Gaming mouse). You might think it’s a bit overpriced, but then again Disney license doesn’t exactly come cheap. Morgan Tron Style phone is a mobile phone that has been designed in inspiration from the movie TRON legacy. If World of Warcraft and its ilk don’t push your buttons, it’s unlikely this is the right keyboard for you. Razer has also chosen an interesting font for the key markings, with hard edges and a robotic look.
These softer keys will more commonly be used for key combinations such as “Control + Alt”, but it really is up to you.
This is particularly frustrating as this keyboard takes up two USB slots – one which is used solely to power the backlights. Most hardcore users will primarily be looking to customise these two sets of additional keys, which you can do intuitively and easily. Having mechanical switches is more of a personal preference, but for the money, you may be disappointed to be getting just the most basic of switches. I’d really like to be getting a little more than a backlight and some macro keys, which, to be honest, is all this keyboard has over a cheap, generic option. We would even add that such a keyboard is a must-have even if you’re not a gamer, because a silent and lit keyboard is obviously more comfortable to use for anyone, but let’s focus on how various keyboards on the current market fare for the gaming experience, specifically.
You can buy it in online stores at only a bit over $50-$55 and it’s truly the best if you want to spend under 100 dollars. This can be good news for some and bad news for others, but if you’re a bit suspicious of low priced hardware, you shouldn’t be in this case. A nice thing about this entry is that it comes with an anti-ghosting system, to eliminate any potential interference with other keyboards in the vicinity. His earliest gaming memory goes back more than 15 years ago, a moment in time that he acknowledges to be the starting point in mastering Street Fighter. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. For $35 I still rather go to a thrift store, get some 1990's IBM keyboard for $5, and go out to eat on the other $30.
I think the Lycosa is an excellent keyboard, and it has not let me down so far (and none of my other Razer products have, for that matter).
This fully illuminated keyboard designed by Razer is one of essential tools that you need to rule the Game Grid especially the fully programmable keys on detachable keypad that boasts macro capabilities to turn this futuristic keyboard into a Recognizer capturing you in the universe of TRON. For someone with big hands, it won’t be a problem, but for others, it might need a little adjustment, but in the end, you’ll feel comfortable using it. You can use this not only for games, but also for navigating Windows, for example mapping a key to “Ctrl + Alt + Delete”. Compared to 2012 and 2013, the gaming-oriented hardware market has definitely evolved a lot, and today you can find awesome products to help you on your gaming quests. It has fully programmable keys with on-the-fly macro recording, in order for you to be able to cast even your most complicated key combo during your game play.

Since it’s not a mechanical keyboard, it’s quite normal for a LED-operated keyboard (with a mouse included in the pack as a bonus) to be not as expensive as a mechanical version. With the help of a programming savvy buddy, you could adapt it to be suitable for a Mac too.
You can also program new macros while you’re in mid-game, and you can instantly access the volume control functions, as well as the pause-resume functions. As a blogger, he is very enthusiastic about every release he writes about, hoping readers will benefit from his gaming experience.
The deep, narrow keys with the membrane switches gave the board a squidgy feel, which I found was rather awkward and required more effort to type on, but again, there are allowances to be made here for personal preference. Hopefully, at the end of our short review list, you will be able to decide for yourself what the best gaming keyboard for your personal preferences is. Its mechanical switches are designed optimally for computer games, in order to have the ideal responsiveness for that.
Another bonus for this pack from the Cooler Master brand is that you can find it in various color versions – red, blue and so on. The great thing about this one is that it’s highly customizable, you can set the color for each key separately, while choosing from over 10 million colors, and you can set the desired reactiveness to typing for each one as well.
Concerning the games he enjoys playing the most, he looks for good realism more than for special effects. Markings on keys are practically invisible when the backlight is off (even during the daylight), but when it's on it works fine.
Responsiveness is very important in a real-time computer game, where even a low FPS rate can make the difference between winning and losing. We can think of few cooler things than a colored backlit, wireless and quiet keyboard and set.
You can even send a wave of color in ripples all across your keyboard, or just across the keys you want.
Apart from video games, he loves strategy board games as well, such as Risk, Diplomacy, Game of Thrones and The Settlers of Catan. From the name itself, you might know it was inspired by armors and skeletons […]Cool Gaming Keyboard Concept This gaming keyboard is perfect for you who are crazy about playing each and every game that enters the gaming market. All these features, and its reasonable price, make this a strong candidate for the best gaming keyboard in our view. We will stop the rant here, but this one is definitely the best gaming keyboard if you have the funds for it. This gaming keyboard is surely for you because it can speed up the […]WinCycle001 Futuristic Bike by Younes Jmoula Obviously Wincycle001 bike design was inspired by Tron Legacy movie, it was created as part of a challenge in facebook with his collagues that work in the same field. The keyboard software that I downloaded (CD that came with it didn't work in the DVD drive on my desktop) enables you to assign macros, programs and such to any key (where's the any key? The keyboard comes with a USB port which really isn't extra since the other end of the keyboard has 2 USB connectors (1 for keyboard, 1 for whatever you plug into the USB on keyboard) and a mic+headphone port.

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