Hi, first post.I'm currently using a GR33 as part of my covers band setup and considering simplifying to a GR55 straight to FRFR setup.Is there a small, inexpensive (FCB1010 cheap) midi foot controller that could be used with the GR55 to turn delay, reverb, MFX blocks etc on and off using assigns triggered by CC messages?
The Rolls Midi Wizard has the same footprint as the Midi Buddy and allows three program changes per footswitch. Even as many as three patches per song isn't a problem, they're all within one bank and very accessible.That little Midi-Mouse looks quite useful - but I doubt I'd personally go for the extra box and cable for the extra foot control options during songs.

So after looking around for a inexpensive midi foot controller I decided to build my own using the MIDI Cpu from Highly Liquid and a used 5 switches footswitch I got from e-bay.
It's very easy to build and the programing for the Midi Cpu its provided in the Highly Liquid Forum by a person named John, you post what cc number you assign to each switch and he will provide the code. Now I can select any function on the GR-55 and assigned it to one of the switches which for live performances its super convenient.I'm already converting a volume pedal so I can also connect it to the MidiCpu and control any variable parameter.

It appears that the GR-55 allows one to remap program changes, so one could assign each change from the Buddy (or Wizard) to access the first patch from each group of three.

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