Memanfaatkan bahan kardus untuk dijadikan furniture dan berbagai kerajinan kini kian marak.
Ada satu kelemahan yang tidak dapat dihindari dari case kardus buatan Apple Pie, yaitu tidak tahan terhadap air. Jika memiliki kardus sepatu, mie instant atau apapun, kalian bisa membuat sendiri celengan dari kardus. Bagi yang terinspirasi dengan desain Apple Pie, sebuah iPad stand ternyata bisa kita buat sendiri dari berbagai kardus yang ada di rumah. A community-based social movement with the Doing generation that wants to innovate the next big thing in digital age entrepereneurship. The special design allows access to all ports and buttons without removing the iPad from the case.
Initially priced at $40, the Blue Diamond Silicone Skin iPad case is now available on the CTC website for less than $2.
Note: Sections of this article are largely identical to our previous preview of the iPad mini. At a basic level (and this may sound a little obvious), what the design of the iPad mini represents is first and foremost a downsizing of the classic iPad design that we’ve come to know and love. But there are also subtleties in the iPad mini’s design which set it apart from previous iPad generations.
In addition, the iPad mini has also taken some cues from Apple’s recently released iPhone 5.
All of this adds up to a product which is one of the thinnest and lightest devices which Apple sells, but also a device which incorporates Apple’s latest small design touches found in its flagship iPhone 5 model. The design of the iPad mini puts it slightly out in front of the 7” tablet competition in terms of its basic measurements – which basically, at this stage, means Google’s Nexus 7 model and the Kindle Fire HD 7” (Amazon also makes a 8.9” Kindle Fire HD model). With the iPad mini sharing quite a few features with Apple’s existing iPad line, there are probably two main features which you should be interested in when it comes to the new smaller version. The second major thing you’ll be interested in when it comes to the iPad mini is what degree of processing power it has. Beyond this, many apps, in our estimation, perform better on the iPad mini than they do on larger iPads — especially those requiring interactivity. The most important issue with the iPad mini relative to other iPads is probably its battery life.
While we haven’t tested the 4G version of the iPad mini, this trend is a little more concerning when you consider that model. The good news in all of this is that the iPad mini’s battery life is still extremely solid, especially when you compare it to the competition. Another negative point we picked up regarding the iPad mini is the quality of its smart cover — the little rubberised cover which attaches magnetically to the iPad mini and can act as a stand. For starters the iPad mini’s smart cover feels a lot cheaper and more flimsy than the larger editions. Finally, we have to note that we really don’t like the reflective screen and slippery back of the iPad mini. However, those who may be interested in this device are also currently facing somewhat of a quandary. If you don’t want to leave the Apple ecosystem, and you want a smaller iPad, buy the iPad mini. Your writer suspects that in several years’ time, the iPad mini form factor may come to be the dominant iPad form factor. But whatever you think about it personally, the popularity of the iPad mini is testament to the fact that Apple supremo Steve Jobs (may he rest in peace) didn’t get everything completely right during his time leading the company.
They’re adding the same feature to full-size iPads in an update from what I have heard. Mind you, I’m sure there will be more than a few different models on our favourite online auction house shortly, so that issue should no be around too much longer once I bother to sift through the listings one day.

My new white one is coming today straight from Apple,only had to wait a few days to get it,so did my daughter who bought a black one.Up to $100 cheaper than any electronic store. Tak terkecuali untuk menjawab kebutuhan aksesoris dari gadget, tak terkecuali untuk perangkat besutan Apple.
Dengan meniru pola yang dibagikan dalam website instructurables, kita dapat membuat celengan serupa. Mungkin sebagian dari kita agak kurang percaya dengan hal tersebut, namun pada kenyataannya materi kardus ternyata cukup kuat untuk menopang beban ketika didesain dengan cara tertentu, lihat beberapa desain unik dan lucu dari Kartooni. It’s a real bargain, and if you add a good screen protector to it, you can have your iPad 100% protected without having to pay a fortune for that. I love the natural look of cork and I've been seeing more and more fashion accessories (including my new flats) made from it too.
Starting from one end and making your way around, stitch the two pieces together with embroidery floss, leaving one side open to insert the iPad.
I am planning on buying an Ipad for my husband for a graduation gift and I might have to make him something like this for it. The same large touchscreen, dominating the iPad mini’s front, is there, the same front-facing camera above it and the same home button below it. First and most obviously, this is a tablet which is a lot smaller and lighter than any previous iPad. The Nexus 7 is a little thicker than the iPad mini, at 10.45mm, and a little heavier at 340g. The battery included with the iPad mini is a 16.3 watt-hour model, and its main camera is a five megapixel model supporting 1080p HD video recording. And lastly, given the trepidations which Steve Jobs had about smaller iPads as a whole, does the iPad mini actually feel good in the hand? Having said that, what we strongly expect is that the addition of mobile broadband support to the iPad mini, if you use it, will depreciate the device’s battery a bit more rapidly than it would without it. We have found ourselves using the iPad mini’s camera regularly to take video and photos of our recent Christmas holiday, and the sound, picture and video quality is more than admirable.
If you read the technical specifications for the iPad and iPad mini, Apple claims that both will support up to 10 hours of surfing the web on Wi-Fi, watching video or listening to music.
It’s easily in the same class battery-wise as the Nexus 7, which is its biggest rival. In practice we found the quality of this optional extra to the iPad mini to be poor compared with the larger covers used which debuted with the larger iPads. This stands in stark contrast to the velvety leathery back of the Nexus 7, which keeps it firmly held in the hand without slippage. As with most Apple products, the iPad mini features the best build quality on the market, coupled with standout design.
While the iPad mini is a stellar product, it does have a very strong competitor in the market: The Google Nexus 7 (see our review here), which launched in Australia several months ago.
For a reader giveaway, we just bought a 32GB Nexus 7 from online retailer Kogan for $288 (including shipping), and when it’s in stock, you can pick the 8GB model up for as little as $248. Many of your writer’s readers, friends and family have been trying avidly to buy an iPad mini for more than a month now, with the only recourse for some to be to order it online from Apple direct and wait for it to be delivered 2-3 weeks later.
The JavaScript check refused to accept my first one so I figured there was some keyword filters. I’m finding I prefer it to my larger, now back in its box, first generation 3G version (I skipped the iPad 2). I am thinking of getting an iPad mini, but I’ve heard that they will be releasing an iPad mini with retina display. Casing dari bahan kardus daur ini dibuat oleh Apple Pie, meskipun terbuat dari bahan daur ulang, Apple Pie menjamin bahwa perangkat ini telah melewati uji ketahanan saat jatuh. Semangat ini bisa ditularkan, karena ada banyak tutorial untuk membuat berbagai kerajinan yang memanfaatkan kardus bekas sebagai bahan baku.

It will keep your iPad safe and protected while allowing easy access to all buttons and ports. And thanks to self-adhesive cork sheets, it was really easy to line my iPad case with a patterned fabric (which used to be an old t-shirt), creating my new favorite techcessory for only $10! And the Kindle Fire HD 7” is similarly slightly thicker at 10.3mm, as well as quite a bit heavier at 395.
As a consequence, the iPad mini also comes with a lesser screen resolution, at 1024×768. The front-facing camera, for video-conferencing, supports 720p HD video and is a 1.2 megapixel model. The reality, however, in our experience, is that despite its smaller screen, we found the iPad mini needed a recharge significantly more often than the larger iPads. And this is a regular story we’ve been hearing from quite a few readers and friends who have an iPhone 5 as well. This issue is somewhat mediated if you use an iPad mini smart cover — as the smart cover flips around the back to provide a grippy surface. When you consider that the cheapest iPad mini is substantially more expensive at $369 for the cheapest model, you have to ask yourself whether that extra $100-odd (at least) is worth it, to be part of the Apple ecosystem. We know of many Australians who have been turned away from Apple stores after trying fruitless to buy an iPad mini. I’ve found transition from LTE to 3G and vice versa very smooth too (unlike the 4G Telstra modem I also have). Is the retina display worth paying more for an iPad mini or the current one is just good enough?
Selain sebagai casing, aksesoris ini memiliki fungsi sebagai stand iPad yang bisa digunakan saat menonton berbagai konten multimedia. This also translates into a much lighter weight, with the iPad mini weighing 308g – or about the weight of a heavy smartphone – compared with the recent iPads, which have weighed in at between 650g and 660g. Note that the Kindle Fire models are not formally sold in Australia, although several companies do import them. We’ve gotten used to leaving our iPad 2 on our desk for weeks on end without needing a charge, despite using it sporadically every day. But we don’t always want to have the smart cover handy, as it adds a bit of bulk and unwieldiness to the iPad mini. Perhaps the world needed the 10″ form factor first, to get used to tablets in general and to differentiate them from smartphones, before tablets went smaller. But how does this latest wunderchild to be released from Apple’s safe embrace perform in practice? With the same behaviour on the iPad mini, we’ve found ourselves charging it about once a week.
The third-party apps are generally there, the interface is lovely, and the hardware design is very comfortable.
The iPad mini does what it needs to do very well, but we just like the Nexus 7 better for the money. Apple only introduced a higher resolution screen to its iPads (its Retina display) earlier this year in its third-generation iPad.
We have been making them since we were in middle school (6 years ago at least now) and we are wanting to sell what is left of the last of our stock before moving onto our new and exciting venture!!
This is reassuring: You’re not going to get misshapen apps or ‘black bars’ on your iPad mini – you get a solid screen resolution and pixel density, coupled with strong existing app support.
Other than these two issues, i love this device and use it much more than my full size iPad and i actually do not use my computer any more either.

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